easy child and my Mom are both having health issues

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    My Mom went to the cardiologist yesterday (after several EKGs and an ECHO), she doesn't have a blockage. And the damaged valve (from rhuematic fever when she was little) isn't worse. However, the left branch (part) of the heart that sends out electrical signals is not working at all.

    At this point, they want her to record her blood pressure morning/night for a month, lower her cholesterol and lose weight. That's it. Oh and lower her stress level....:slap: That is impossible. My Mom is a high-strung poodle. She wouldn't know how to breathe without stress. She creates her own if there isn't any around. But with Grandma living with her, she has no need to create any.

    Then easy child sends me a text yesterday to see what our insurance covers in his state. Seems he had a little bump on his back, like a mosquito bite on Sunday that was the size of a lime on Monday and the size of an orange on Tuesday. He's got staph cellulitis. They gave him an IV antibiotic yesterday and sent him home with more. Today, it's the size of a grapefruit. They will lance and clean it on Friday. But that is so far away and I am too far away! :sigh:

    Never a dull moment in my life.....

    On a side note: I've been giving my Mom a hand with Grandma by picking her up 3 days a week (she visits grandpa Robert in the nursing home). Well, before she married Robert 14 years ago, grandma was a wild one. She was the only 78 yr old on a 20-something dart team. So, I took her to the local tavern on the way home yesterday. She was SO happy and excited. She had a couple of beers and something to eat and loved every second of it! It brought back a lot of old memories.
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    I think we are all official members of the "Never-Ending Drama Club". Hopefully everything turns out okay for Mom and easy child. I'll do the pretzel for you.
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    Ack! So sorry about your mom. That sounds troublesome. I love your description of her as a high strung poodle. :)

    Sorry about your son. My daughter had the same thing ... on her face! It got as big as a quarter. It's something that comes and goes, too. No fun, for sure.
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    Sorry to hear about your son - We JUST went through that with Dude. He got stung by wasps - and went in to be treated at the ER - and because of having an open wound in an unclean environment? He picked up MRSA, which of course is WAY worse than the wasps. So he goes back with his eye ball the size of a golf ball, and everywhere else he got stung swollen up just like your son described. They lanced them, packed them and put him on hi-zoot antibiotics. He looked awful.

    My Mother too had rheumatic fever when she was young and has prolapsed valves - so I feel your concern. She dances to stay fit. Doesn't love stress - but I feel so for your Mom. Wondered how Gma was doing. I guess now I know. Darts huh? Sharp as a .......well you get my point! Ha..did it again! That was so cool of you -

    And nothing about YOU? Hmmmmm ?????

    Should we send girlfriend glue? Personally I like paste. Nancy likes duct tape - I see it comes in lots of pretty colors now - but you can't eat duct tape.
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    Thanks for asking! I'm doing alright. On the week nights that I don't pick up Grandma, I go home and relax. I dug out my quilting stuff again. Got another niece/nephew on the way. This will be number 13. I put on some good music and become creative with material. Then I play with my furbabies. And all is good.

    Even with getting Grandma in the afternoons, it's nice to have her around. She's a character. And at the same time, we are noticing that you do return to a childhood like state. She needs two hands to hold her drink glass, she has the patience of a 2 yr old, she has selective hearing, etc.....

    Picking up Grandma means I see my parents more and that is always a blessing.

    Ant called last night to say he has a full-time job detailing cars for the Ford dealership. He starts on Monday. He's staying with a friend that lives 1 mile away from the dealership so there should be no problem getting to the job. (keeping fingers crossed that it works out!)

    husband & I started carpooling with co-workers to save on gas. Any cost saving is a huge relief. And having someone to share the 30 minute ride is nice.

    So even with the health issues of easy child and Mom, life is good. OH, and I love the zebra striped duct tape. Just trying to find an excuse to buy some! Don't know what I'd do with it, but I like it.
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    I hope Mom can calm down and easy child feels better soon ! As far as grandma, she sounds like a hoot ! My kids use the colorful and printed duct tape to make bracelets ... HUGS
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Okay here's DF's horrid little confession - HE WANTS the Flame duct tape.....and I want...the ZEBRA striped duct tape. We were in Walmart and neither of us had ever seen any of this stuff until we bought paint to redo the boys' bedroom. I called Dude and said "I'm painting over Guardian Dog" and I actually got "Are you okay Mom?" It was a cool moment. I painted that dog for him years and years ago - nearly 12...when he was having nightmares, and then we got the monster dog Casper. Weird thing is - Casper looked JUST like the Guardian dog on the wall - it was freaky. But no matter what color we ever did the room in? Guardian dog was painted 'around'. No matter how old Dude got, or when Steven came here? Guardian dog stayed - and the nightmares did stop. It was a cool mural, of a large menacing bulldog. Later I changed his face to a kinder, softer dog. But when I painted over him? And painted over the last color in the room? It made me cry. (Private Mom moment).

    Anyway - I did see that duct tape. But wanted to share the story with you. I guess they all do grow up. Glad to hear Ant is moving forward. I knew he could do it. Too bad though. I was secretly hoping for a Harley heritage softail. lol. (don't look at me like that)

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    Every day I drive past the Harley store and think, wouldn't it have been nice if it had been true. Because someday, husband & I would love to ride from coast to coast (several times).