easy child/boyfriend's Apartment Fiasco

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    Hahaha, I cannot stop laughing...easy child told us recently that she and boyfriend have decided to move off campus and get an apt together. These two have only been together less than a year collectively, in between 2 breakups and a 5 month separation while they were each doing their respective externships several states apart last summer/fall.

    So, an apartment? They have a bad track record and easy child becomes physically ill when she's stressed and the reasons they always broke up were because he stresses her out. H and I did not think this was a smart move. Exh agreed - bad move.

    "Stay on campus and get your associates, THEN decide if you want to really get an apt with boyfriend before you begin the bachelors program" - that was our advice. **PLUS, there was the financials to be concerned with. easy child and her boyfriend's big plan was that when the school reimbursed them for the room and board portion of their tuition, they'd use the money for the apt.

    Despite a lengthy discussion with both of them a month ago and alone with easy child last weekend, they found a few places to look at. One in particular is an old house owned by one of the chefs on campus and easy child's boyfriend asked chef about it. Turns out if they want it, they have to move in by March. easy child contacted the local utilities company to see what the average costs of heating/elec have been in the past year for the space, etc. They saw it yesterday afternoon and she called H and I last night at dinnertime. I had to put her on speakerphone because it was just so danged funny. H and I were practically peeing our pants laughing while she described the place to us:

    "They should have had warning signs posted on the rickety stairs leading to the attic apt.; they felt like they were going to collapse! The shower stall is like the size of a camper shower and just as disgusting and dirty. The toilet had poop stains in it. The sink water knobs were so rusty they looked like they would squeek and fall off in your hands. There was linoleum in the bedroom!!!! OMG, and it was cracking and rippled and lifting up all over the place - it stuck to my shoes mom and came up off the floor! The windows had plastic and towels on it and the guy said 'that's temporary; once it warms up that can come off'."
    easy child said she felt breezes throughout the place. And said, "Don't even get me started on the kitchen...I wouldn't make dog food in that kitchen!"

    (The charge for the apt was $750!!! Plus utilities!!! OMG!!!)

    Her description went on for a while, it was hilarious. H and I hung up and were so happy it was such a dump because this means easy child and boyfriend will have to wait a bit until they find something else.

    I was hoping they'd wait until October (you know, see how their rocky relationship goes - her boyfriend is a sweetie, by the way), but they seem he// bent on doing this ASAP. H is disappointed and worried that easy child will put some of her future plans on the back burner now, which I have concerns about as well. But you know, she will be 21 in November, so...I suppose she can do as she pleases. At least her boyfriend is a nice young man, we really like him, and he's a good student, and seems to genuinely care for easy child a lot. His dad is a nice guy (I only met him once, never met the mom - they live in Ohio).

    So I am keeping my fingers crossed they can't find anything decent until June at the earliest!:whiteflag:
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    Oh Jo...it sounds like a lovely...ummm...place...erm...dump! Brings back fond memories of some of the more rustic places we have lived. LOL.
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    Sounds like the first place husband and I looked at when we first moved in together. LOL Thankfully we found a spotlessly clean, newer, well-maintained basement suite for less money. I was 19 when husband and I moved in together and got married. Tell your easy child that this comes from experience - finish school first, there's plenty of time to move in together and for all that added stress. While husband & I have been married almost 30 years, there are some things I wish I had done differently and the biggest one is finishing school, not getting a job to pay bills with the intent to go back "next year" and never did.
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    I guess it WOULD be appropriate to send a blow torch for a "house warming" gift?

    WOW -