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    First I want to thank all of you for being there for me. I also want to say you offer better advice than any therapist we've seen. I am thrilled to announce that after years of chaos and defiance, my difficult child son is straightening out his life and behavior. How? We had an intervention style meeting where all those who care about him came to say only positive things. The moderator then had all say what they were willing to do to step up and support him. One will get him into a vocational school nearby. The other will mentor him during the week at the Y. Although all those present always give him advice and he knows he can count on them, having them in the living room with one message and one voice one last time really blew him away. He posted a new picture on facebook with the caption Blessed. I feel like this is only the second or third time in his life he has broken through his defiance which I now attribute to Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). My kids are adopted twins. I know you rejoice with me that my son has found himself and his light is bright.
    Now for the crazy news. My easy child daughter has snapped. She has been compliant, helpful and responsible all her life. She has been his best friend and suffered from the chaos. She has seen how his behavior has ruined things over the years.
    Now, I realize this was coming along like a train wreck since 8th grade. All her friends have issues. She's become moody, sullen, sharp toned. Then I found nude pictures of her on my phone (kids don't have their own). These photos were sent everywhere. My son says all the boys think she is a freak. She is cutting herself, was sneaking out, has lost her virginity, is worried silently she's pregnant, has smoked weed, been in a car with some guys and is secretly thinking of getting a tatoo. She has become so self destructive in the past month or two that it pales to what difficult child was up to. She's not speaking to me and I'm not sure what caused the snap. I can't stop thinking about her and feel helpless. Even her twin said he feels like he doesn't have a sister anymore. Please warn me what could be ahead. She is super sneaky and a slick liar and very quiet. P.S. the week I found the pics was when she was volunteering at church day camp.
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    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that she snapped. Did something happen to trigger it? Is there a chance she was raped? or got into drugs?

    I hope you were able to get her into a therapist right away.
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    To me, sounds like she's taking drugs. Is the the other one who was adopted and has Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)? It would help us all remember you if you'd be kind enough to do a signature, like I did below.

    I'm sorry things are tough with daughter right now.