easy child/difficult child hould be comming home in three weeks

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    I had a visit with him the other day at the treatment center. He looks good and the medications seem to be working. He is being transfered into another unit for intense group sessions today. He should be able to come home with supports in three weeks. The doctor said that he should be able to return to work soon after that.He still wants to live with us and rent his condo out. That is fine with me and good for him also. He tends to be reclusive so this way we will know how he is doing and can get help quickly if needed. The social worker @ the hospital is setting up a caseworker for him and will refer us to a psychiatrist and a therapist for his outpatient care. We have applied for FML and short term disability. I am making progress on his personal business and husband and I will start cleaning up the condo this weekend. I'm ok. I still cannot fathom God's plan in all this but am managing to get trhough my days with a smattering of laughter and a bit of grace.

    Our haloween decorations are still up so I'm hoping to get them put away tomorrow and maybe start putting out the Christmas stuff but if I do not get to decorations it is OK. I'll just buy a bunch of poitsettas and place them around the house. No biggie. I can even buy ready made lazagne from a favorite Italian resturant for Christmas eve dinner if necessary. I have alot on my plate right now so am not posting much but I think of all of you often and keep you in my prayers. -RM
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    What a lovely Christmas that would be...to have his health improve and to have home for the holidays. I pray that for you!
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    Thank you Buddy! He totally surprised me when he said that he wanted to be home for Christmas. He never used to be a holiday kinda guy. He was also more affectionate when I saw him, if that is a side effect of his medications I'll concider it a perk!
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    I'm so glad to hear he is doing better. Also I think you have a great attitude about Christmas this year! Keeping your family in my prayers.
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    Thanks Sharon, husband and I got a scaled down version of the christmas decorations up including a small tree this weekend. We also switched around the famiy room and den furniture so the family room has the comfortable seating. I coudn't afford new stuff for the family room with all the medical bills. So we moved things around and I bought slipcovers on sale so things will blend better in the famiy room. Not ideal but will be fine till we get the medical bills paid (as long as that isn't much more than two years out as this furnitue although the "good stuff" is 25 years old.

    easy child/difficult child's out of pocket expenses are already over 20K. I would love to know why an ambulance ride that was mandtory and not even life threating costs $1600. (We have two of those) The hospital refused to let us transport him the second time even though he was compliant and calm. They said it was the protochol. Then I called the treatment center and was told they would not accept him unless he came in via ambulance even though he was there the previous week. UG!

    Alas, the bills are still coming in and this (above)total is witout the next three weeks' costs. I am going to call the MHMR and see if there is some money available to help him with these bills. I told easy child/difficult child not to worry over it... but I am LOL
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