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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Jena, Apr 28, 2011.

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    so today easy child emailed. i had told her i am not taking you to the dr if your going to treat me badly etc. i said if you can clean up your mouth treat me with respect i'll take you to the gynecologist.

    so today the email came apologizing and asking if i could take her. so i did take her. she's so lost at 17 years old. she was nervous, anxious jumpy. i just carted her there, paid for it and handed her all the forms, except for parents consent that i had to fill out. she was lost with forms, complaining entire time why do they ask the same thing twice and three times? i said welcome to being an adult. she went into the room.

    the doctor came out to talk to me a bit about the diff types of infections possible and said she kept saying maybe i should ask my mom what to do.....

    long story short she got the tests done, we'll have results ina week she asked them to call me she has no cell phone. her and difficult child were talking on way out of docs office, i took them for lunch. i had to feed difficult child we ran straight from two back to back tutors out the door to appointment.

    i brought easy child, she than asked if she could come back home with us for a bit. she sat talking to difficult child for a long time about difficult child's life etc. pet the dogs, than went in our room sat on our bed i was looking up something for difficult child and she wanted to see than her and difficult child were talking and she curled up into a little ball talking about how she was sore from the examination and kept asking wow is that what being an adults like this bites....

    she's sound asleep on my bed right now in a little ball. eventually i'll have to wake her and ask her to leave lol. she asked can i spend my birthday with you it's mother's day also during lunch.

    this is today though who knows what craziness next week will bring. difficult child's thrilled to have her here i said i'Tourette's Syndrome only temporary. shes one mixed up little girl she really is. talking about being 18 how great it'll be, how she'll get a tatoo with what money i dont' know.... how she's trying to find a job and can't its' so hard out there, how she never has money and it sux. yea yea i know......

    just wanted to share. it wasnt' bad to bring her i dont' think. i drew my rules and boundaries. yes though she keeps beating me up i keep resetting boundaries correcting again it reminds me of when kids are like 3 and do silly stuff hit you etc test the waters learning everything
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    Hi Jena. I know you are feeling vulnerable. Your difficult child probably knows it, too. I hope your efforts are rewarded. ((HUGS)) When everything else fails, at least you still can hope.
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    With what money I don't know...

    Hmm, your easy child and Onyxx seem to think getting a job is EASY. And that money grows on trees...