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    sigh, I know I have not been here, been SO busy with easy child and preg and her starting college....yes, the hyperemesis continues. Dr refuses to write medication Rx for more than 5 days worth at a time, citing ins will not give more than 5 days worth at a time, BUT what we found is Medicaide will not cover it at all aside from first 8 pills per month, and our primary insurance WILL cover as much as doctor will give. But dr refuses to believe so we are chaseing always back and forth to stand in lines at pharmacy.in addition to constant doctor appts due to hyperemeisis etc. And homeschool has begun in earnest for my son, and we are working hard. And we are trying to include difficult child as best we can, too. Plus I am doing some MAJOR home renovations needed badly to prep for a baby.

    So last nite easy child went to gas her car......not sure if she fainted (she has been fainting, but dr is not takeing the fainting serious and sent easy child back to work, too and easy child has fainted at work...scared work, so now they are being nasty to easy child hoping she will quit) so not sure if she fainted or fell or if gas pump had some problem, but one second she was filling the car and next she was doused in massive amounts of gasoline, and on ground with both knees a mess. (turns out she chipped a kneecap) Gas inside her car, all oer her, in her eyes, mouth, up her nose, in her ears and she was soaked thru and thru, bad.
    She made it inside gas station, but attendant just shrugged at her. so she somehow made it the few blocks home. I was not home, she had sent me a text "I'm hurt" but I had no idea what she meant.... a papercut? both legs chopped off? what? SO I was on my way home, but not here yet. easy child got home and difficult child could smell her right away and came out of her room and threw easy child into shower and began washing her while also calling me, but, I was driving my stick shift car so I could not answer. (heavy traffic) husband did not wake up. Finally my son talked to difficult child by phone in car en route and tol d me, so I said call poison control and they said call 911......well, usually ambulance is here in LESS than 2 minutes, but it took more than 15mins! I got here long before ambulance. Police came first and seemed to wonder why we called 911? she was SOAKED in gas, literally. you could smell the gas from a full block away, even in the rain. Police left, ambulance pulled up and they seemed to be unsure why we called?
    FInally they did decide to take her.....hospital DID take her in immed and begin flushing it out of her eyes......

    Noone seemed to know, not police, not firemen, not ambulance (no firetrucks came, tho- but our paramedics and firemen are all both paramedics and firemen) what to do with the gas filled car or the gas soaked clothes, coat and shoes (all brand new for school and for preg) and later noone seemed to know, not even at hospital how to get the gas smell out of her skin and hair?
    She has now had four long showers- useing various shampoos soaps and conditioners and fresh lemons........but..she still smells bad like gasoline. I complained at discharge and said surely this cannot be good for her or unborn baby? I called my mechanic brother, but all he offered was to use something called gojo.

    I was not in exam room, hospital refused to permit anyone to be in room with easy child even tho she was screaming for me. I do not know how much they really checked her.....I know they irigated her eyes, and are sending her to an eye specialist. It took much pushing from me for them to check her knees, one was very mishapen and turns out kneecap is chipped........they were going to discharge her before they bothered to even check her knees. I have no idea if they checked her lungs.......or heart........<sigh>

    I am not sure what to do with the car or the clothes/shoes...or her hair. today she STILL smells really bad. And I m quite irked with our paramedics, police and er, once again. I am actually sorta wondering if some passerby is gonna be alarmed by the smell from car out front and call for firetrucks? It IS that bad........and there is 3 schools at end of my street. But I have NO idea what to do with this gas smell etc. How to handle it, get rid of it.

    Ya know, I am NEVER in any danger of getting bored?
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Have you tried vinegar? Or a baking soda bath?

    What about massive amounts of Febreze? Did you ask a dry cleaner shop?

    I'll I can say is I'm sorry! What an awful thing to have happen!
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    First of all, I think she needs a new doctor.

    Did a bit of gasoline stink research:

    If you really are serious about removing the gas smell try the following: Go to any grocery store and pick up a minimum of six shallow tin foil pans and a gallon of white vinegar. Put a couple of pans in the trunk and one in each foot-well. Fill all of them with the white vinegar. Leave then in over night and remove them when you need the car. Each night or whenever your not using the car put the vinegar pans back in.

    Do this faithfully for one wk. The vinegar smell will be somewhat overbearing so leave your windows wide open or a crack open every chance you get. All odors will be gone in 3 days or less.


    As far as your daughter, fainting is not a light issue, nor the smell of gasoline. (I come from old school where everything stinking was washed with tomato sauce.) But, the fainting is not normal. You can get overheated and feel faint, but to have it happen regularly is not good.

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    Well from what I can find to get rid of the gas smell on clothes...either try a can of real coke classic and then air dry or use something like Orange glo or one of the other mechanic type oil based cleaners. Air dry is important.

    Might try charcoal in with the vinegar in the car too.
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    This is scary. With gas all over like htat is there a chance she fainted and someone dumped the gasoline on her on purpose? Sounds like there was much more than should have been able to happen with an accident. (I used to work at a gas station and had people faint at the pumps - 1 guy with a heart attack and several people who were drunk/stoned each at different times. The man who had the heart attack had the hold-open mechanism and got gas on himself and the outside of his car, but not nearly like you describe.

    I think having easy child shower with vinegar or dump vinegar into a bath and soak in it might help.

    Gojo is mechanics hand cleaner. It is great for getting oily stains out of clothing and for getting grease off hands. Walmart, auto parts places all carry it. While Gojo is a brand, and a good one, there are a number of brands of this cleaner and any will do pretty much the same thing.

    I am so sorry this has happened. Should easy child be driving? It doesn't sound like the wisest thing for her to do with fainting spells.

    She really REALLY needs a new doctor. As for the prescriptions - print off info about what the insurance will pay for and then just don't leave until he gives the rx for a months worth. I am on phenergan AND zofran because some of the medications just make me vomit. doctor feels I really need these medications so I alternate these medications. I get 3 months of EACH with-no problem from my doctor.

    SO sorry all this is going on.
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    My first thought was maybe to contact the poison control. Here is what I found. I looked at sites for oil spills and gas spills but you know how that is, You come across many sites that are just pushing their products. Do not know if they even really work. I do wonder aside from the dish soap that they use on wildlife for oil spills what they use for gas cleanup.


    Chicago and NE Illinois Regional Poison Control Center
    Rush Presbyterian - St. Luke's Medical Center
    1653 West Congress Parkway
    Chicago, IL 60612
    (800) 942-5969 (Northeast IL only)
    (312) 942-5969

    Bromenn Hospital Poison Center
    Virginia at Franklin
    Normal, IL 61761
    (309) 454-6666

    Central and Southern Illinois Poison Resource Center
    St. John's Hospital
    800 East Carpenter Street
    Springfield, IL 62769
    (800) 252-2022 (IL only)
    (217) 753-3330

    National Animal Poison Control Center
    University of Illinois Department of Veterinary Biosciences
    2001 South Lincoln Avenue, 1220 VMBSB
    Urbana, IL 61801
    (800) 548-2423 (Subscribers only)
    (217) 333-2053
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    Thought of Hazmat as well. I'm looking for info. If I do come across anything I will post it. I am looking at this site currently. http://firespecialops.com/wp/
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    hmm, I am haveing difficulty posting.......
    I typed up this reply much earlier today.....yeah we did call posion control last nite......they are who directed us to call 911 and then later they said each area has different rules/laws etc for gas spills etc......so they told us to ask fire dept and er.......
    well, hopefully my reply I wrote earlier will post now.
    when it rains, it POURS, of course. SUPOSED to be replacing 40+ yr old carpet, BUT this morning the hot water heater gave way. GRRR so now it is emergency replacement of THAT. and ALL the commotion involved.our hot water heater does not have a seperate shut off valve, so we have NO water for now. Grrr.
    Got classic coke to wash her clothes and her body and hair in and I do have um...greased lightening degreaser and also um....goop? plus a few gallons of vinegar becuz I have been useing that as a cleaner recently. FOr now the clothes and shoes are outside in the rain......"airing out" now I will wait for the rain to end and the air to dry them and will see how they smell- and will likely soak them in coke and then degreaser.....see how it goes. today we stopped at 2 diff gas stations and 2 diff auto parts stores to ask what would work well, and NONE of them had any ideas..yeesh. easy child also asked her science teacher, cuz she DID go to school today. He said "nothing" would help on her hair. <sigh>
    She was treated at our ER last nite......her ob gyne is her primary doctor and is also the High Risk ob gyne for our county, and for all extended area Medicaide patients, no other docs would take her, we sure tried when she first started with this hyper emesis. She has ChampVA as her primary insurance and it covers medications VERY VERY well, but most of our area docs just never want to believe how good our Rx coverage is...the zofran and phenergan are pricey......and if they would just write us a long term Rx, we could get them via medications by mail, 3 months worth- FREE to us, totally. Alas there is no website for me to access to prove to darned doctor, and darned doctor REALLY is nasty and know it all. Just like the docs etc dismissed the hyperemesis at first, and refused to take THAT seriously.....(and then turned it around and tried to later blame us for NOT being clear, after they had repeatedly accused us of dramatizing) now they are doing the same with the fainting. We are not sure if the fainting is due to hormones, blood pressure changes orthostatic? or the dramatic weight loss, or arrythmias electrolyte imbalance....or what, but er dismisses it and doctor downplays it and says it "should" pass soon. GRRR. WIC is still acting like we are makeig all this up just to be dramatic. Dr refused to keep easy child out of work any longer....even tho she fainted at work at her register it is ALL so frustrating, so ugly, so idiotic, but a new doctor is just not a possibility.....our doctor has this great reputation and is The High Risk doctor and all that etc.....so noone else will touch easy child with a 10 ft stethoscope. The good news is the hyperemesis IS backing down some FINALLY and the fainting is getting less frequent, and is usually either very early morning or late evening.....so- we are not sure if the gas itself caused this, or if she even did faint at the gas station......and- I had no idea she was GOING to the gas station, - I had been doing her driving etc and getting the gas etc.
    The car is a Jeep with a soft top, and when it was brand new we had severe vandalism issues here related to difficult child and her sped class......and 3 times in 1 week the top - all sides and back got slashed to shreds. Ins paid on it once, but the next times the polie did not properly do the incident report and ins refused to cover it and when the perp was brought to court, becuz the police did not properly do the paperwork, judge refused to order restitution, so --the jeep has no side or back windows--------it is completely open to elements most of the time. - which means it CAN air out, LOL.......but will it air out? I will try the vinegar and also charcoal.....see how it works. I was shocked at the amount of gasoline everywhere. ALl I know for sure is she had the pump in her gas tank and it was going, filling her tank up- yes, on the mechanism that keeps it going even if you are not holding the hose? And then the hose was in her face spraying her full on in her face, and then somehow in her car etc, too? She is not even sure how it did get shut off finally. The gas station is in town here, one block from county police headquarters, right here a couple blocks from home, small town.....same gas station we have used for all 3 of our cars for 20 years. It is not a super busy one, not a very large one, and it is not isolated at all. 2 islands of pumps and a mini mart inside. surrounded by single family houses. It was 530 in afternoon.
    Thank goodness she got in at an eye specialist for tomorrow morning one who I guess WILL accept her Medicaide......I am glad becuz this same ER said my sons eye was "fine" when nope- it was penetrated and destroyed and time was a huge factor in him loseing his eye.and also my best friend - they kept telling her her eye was fine.when it was full of melanoma that spread and she died. They do not have any clue what a normal eye or injured eye looks like.
    I SWEAR so many of the medical people in this town must fake their way thru an exam. I had said the ob gynes nurse could NOT possibly have properly checked PCs blood pressure at one office visit becuz she said it was normal and she did it SO fast, no way could she have gotten a reading, and she talked thru the reading, and half an hour later the blood pressure was MUCH MUCH lower than docs office nurse said. and then when I worked this disaster drill recently with county disaster preparedness.....I was shocked and horrified to be working and to realize the others working were NOT following protocols, and were NOT checking things properly at all.......scared the heck outta me. I am very much afraid people go thru the motions of doing their jobs and fake their way thru without REALLY doing their job at all..and MAYBE they do not even really know how? and how would anyone KNOW for sure? A lay person would have NO idea. So- it IS good another eye doctor is gonna check her corneas. and it is still makeing me quite angry and rankled to not be able to get any decent answer from firemen, or er about how to get this gas smell gone from her hair or how to handle these clothes? Seems to me, maybe poison control might know? or haz mat people? and seems to me the fire dept or ER should have access to find out that info------and it also seems to me it IS a "public health and safety" issue. and of course it is also an issue related to their patient. I truly horribly resent them leaveing the problem dangleing. Especially since I tried so hard to find out.
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    Here is a link with a contact for hazmat. They might be able to help you get rid of the aweful smell. I'm sorry that this happened to your easy child. I would definitely think about getting a different Dr. Fainting is not something that by any means should be being dismissed.

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    Seems strange it would go all over her like that. The pumps shut off if it isn't in the car. There are federal guidelines on how they run. Do you think she may have done this on purpose for any reason? depression from the pregnancy?

    I wouldn't bother with the clothes. It's not worth risking more fumes. Throw them away. Honestly I wouldn't expext the fire dept to tell you how to clean clothes. They are there to save your life. I doubt they get much training on clothes.

    I hope she is well soon. I hope they can figure out the fainting spells

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    I odn't htink the clothes will come clean. THe clothes that got gas on them occasionally when I worked at the gas station did not come clean. It is DANGEROUS to try to dry the clothes, even if you think all the gas is out of them. They can catch fire in the dryer. DON'T put the clothes in the dryer - at ALL.

    For concrete with gas spilled on it there is a product called Oil Dry (or there used to be) that looks like kitty litter. We would have to go and grind it into the concrete using our feet. I can't tell you how many nights I spent out at the pumps doing the twist to grind this stuff into the concrete and then sweeping it up. It DID get much of the spill out though. I am NOT sure it would help much with the car - though if you got the old-fashioned kitty litter and dumped it on the carpet then vacuumed it out with a car wash vacuum you might get some of the smell out.

    Dawn truly IS used for many grease/oil spills - including one when I was a kid where a tanker of cooking oil was in an accident. P&G sent a tanker with Dawn in to help clean it up (I know this because my uncle worked for P&G at the time). I still would not even try with the clothes. I know they were new, but they still were less expensive than replacing the dryer or the house.

    I am sorry your doctor is such a jerk. Call the insurance company - they WILL have a formulary they can send with your prescription benefits. ALL insurance companies have them. Here is a link to the ChampVA website. If you enter the beneficiary # (policy #) they will have some way to get the info - otherwise they will send it if you call.

    I hope she is OK.
  12. WhymeMom?

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    Guess I would try Dawn dishwashing detergent on her hair......I believe that is what they use on birds when there is a spill. If she is having fainting spells she has no business being on the road......could have caused deathly damage behind the wheel!.....This sounds so bizzare......like no one saw this happening.....the attendant just watched this go down? I know some cannot leave the register, but did she prepay for the gas? There is a shut off valve and the pump handle would have to be held open for the gas to shoot out..... It might be good for her to have someone with her for a while, just not worth taking the chance that something worse could happen.......Sorry when it rains it pours......hope things eventually settle down and you get some answers on health issues......
  13. Hound dog

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    Is she being careful about eating every couple of hours? Fainting could be low blood sugar. (you've probably already thought of that) Is she drinking enough water? I'd hesitate to let her go out alone since it is so bad. easy child is having issues too and always has someone with her when she leaves the house except to go to work.

    Good grief! When it rains it pours. OMG! I'd most likely not be handling things as well as you are. You've got to be feeling overwhelmed. (((hugs)))

    easy child is having tachycardia which her OB is ignoring and it's POing me, too. She's never had it before. And it's getting pretty bad. He's blaming it on her low b/p, but like I told her at her age my b/p was always 90/60 even pregnant and I never had tachycardia. Never. And that's what her b/p is.

    What is up with these docs not listening, anyway. grrrrr

    Give her some big hugs from me. Poor kid is having the pregnancy from H*ll.

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    Yes, we trashed the clothes, but hard to trash can her hair, :) so are trying to still get smell off her hair. Yes, the clothes are just NOT worth the dangers, I agree totally. altho at the moment now, we have no water at all, grr.so she has to shower at bfs house.....yes, I gave her dawn dish soap for her hair.it helped a little. I thought to ask firemen becuz they were here and becuz I was thinking that they do haz mat work here, and they might have some experience with gasoline etc.so I thought maybe they might know. - cuz maybe they might have had occasions to have personal experience. I asked at er cuz I thought since they often DO call poison control or access poison control, maybe they could ask while connected with poison control- especially since poison control would only tell us GO TO ER VIA 911. That is ALL poison control would tell us when we called them yesterday.

    easy child had not been driving herself nor even been alone since July . Not even to use bathroom. at all. BUT dr insisted she begin to be more independant.....and easy child decided to go fill her gas tank yesterday cuz we had discussed price of the gas re hurricanes and I was VERY busy and noone else in house drives except me and her. And also she had gone 2 weeks, I think? with NO fainting.....so I am sure she thought it was okay since she had not fainted .and since dr had acted so yukky about it.
    easy child is drinking 4 of the ?? 32 ounce? size gatorades daily...at minimum and eats something- at least every hour. I have requested they check her blood sugar but, they keep saying "not yet" They will be doing a glucose fast, routine, but....they keep saying due to hyperemesis it will not be very valid right now? and docs office keeps insisting her blood pressure is "fine" and "normal" altho the nurse pumps up the cuff SO fast, and so high- up to max level, and then she lets it go down SO SO very fast there is NO WAY that nurse could possibly get a reading, just no way.....the hospital checks the blood pressure useing an automated cuff on a machine.....and the last time docs nurse said easy child blood pressure was 120 / 90 but 20 minutes later at hospital the hospital said it was 80/50. WOW- HUGE difference. in my opinion THAT cannot be accounted for by "different equipment" and darned nurses when they weigh her keep saying "nice weight" nevermind that the weight kept dropping and in less than 2 weeks she had LOST 40 pounds. I kept yelling at them to LOOK at what her previous weight was and THEN make their stupid comments. This was at docs office, at WIC and at ER and inpatient at hospital. I told them it might be a nice weight IF it was NOT such a dramatic and fast loss. "Nice weight" is immaterial and irrelevant in that context.

    As for is she trying to harm baby or herself, either consciously or subconsciously? Well, we all know anything is possible. and considering how this whole preg has been going......and all the peripheral changes ANYTHING is possible......it was a surprise as far as I know, and it did cause her (becuz of the hyperemesis) to make her NOT go away to university.....but she sure is seeming to be working very hard to eat and drink and all.....and she sure seems excited about the baby, and so does babys daddy.......and the kids are NOT socially outcast....nearly ALL PCs friends, bfs friends and difficult children friends have already had babies this year, and ALL of them all still seem to be very content and happy with their babies......and they ALL seem very positively bonded with their babies, and they do all bring the babies here often to let us see them.....I have been more wondering that maybe they got preg more on purpose than by accident, partly becuz everyone else already has a baby and partly becuz recently easy child, boyfriend and difficult child have all been being a little.........clingy? to ME? and to "immediate family"? boyfriend is nervous to start a program towards his ultimate career goal "alone" and has begged ME to go WITH him? difficult child has been mostly agaoraphobic for a few years.and now easy child has been very clingy, too, and wants me with her for everything at all times. SO lately I have been wondering if maybe this baby is not all so accidental becuz maybe the kids thought they would not have to "go away to university" then? Altho until the preg easy child has always been extremely independant and a go getter and always gone somewhere involved in something. Sometimes for weeks at a time across the state etc. NOW she seems to be most happy at home with immediate family.playing board games, helping homeschool little brother....etc.

    Im not positive about the gas pumps things, but.I know there is a clip thing on them you can use so you do not have to hold the hose? husband said that if you use that, yes, it can still spray continuous even if it is not in the gas tank? Usually it is me who fills the gas on all 3 of our cars.......but- I do it on autopilot. and I just am haveing a hard time understanding how it got SO out of control to have SO much spilled? The ONLY thing I can think of is that both my girls and my husband gets so----excited? they then get extra fumble fingered etc? and they often make a small "accident" much worse?
    LOL- at the moment, I am not so sure I AM holding up to all of it so very well. LOL. Baths are my #1 relaxation and my main "me" time etc, altho with just one bathroom, it is never very private......and here we are with no water, the persn who was coming to do water heater was supposed to be on his way but just called to say-----tomorrow after 5 pm. GRRR. so- I cannot wash dishes, do laundry or bathe....and I also do laundry as a self calming thing. SO at the moment I am devastated...coming unglued......weepy......irritable.......LOL haveing my own little pity party for myself. Becuz yes at the moment I DO feel VERY overwhelmed. I was maxing out yesterday getting to ob gyne appointment on time and then it got bumped, and then when the gas spill event happened, I was very taxed.and when the water heater went today..financially I panicked (hey, hard to support a full family on only soc sec disability long term and we have been doing it for 2 decades mostly) and of course the kids and husband are all walking around makeing me feel like somehow EVERYTHING is MY fault alone.and MY responsibility to "fix" single handed, immediately and without inconvenienceing any of them in the least. <sigh> so at the moment I am prepping myself for bed....I did sons eyedrops (he has been getting them almost 2 years...) and PCs new eyedrops..an told them all they are simply gonna hafta fend for themself tonite cuz I am going to bed and do NOT want to be disturbed, unless it is a true and real life threatening emergency for real.
    HA! not sure how well THAT will REALLY work considering our house is only barely 1,000 sq feet? All the kitties and the doggie have curled up with ME......I am closeing my bedroom door....turning on my bedroom fans......tomorrow is a new day, LOL. maybe I wont take tomorrrows crisis quite so personal? LOL. well, tomorrow I am taking easy child to eye specialist and then straight to her college class (hopefully she will not be late) and the new water heater is sitting in my big vehicle in driveway......and hopefully the guy WILL get his heinie here tomorrow evening and get it in? Please please please? and yes, meanwhile, the clothes have been bagged for trash.....and yes, dawn and coke classic AND "Goop" for PCs hair.....cross fingers it helps- I am grossed out, I HATE gas smell and it IS makeing me nervous. and yes we now have 20 day supply of antiemetics....and so far she is doing some better.......no fainting today.....and she went to ALL her classes today.....and the antiemetics even worked good today (knock on wood)
    and hey, easy child is at the moment working with son on some homeschool lessons! YAY! and Pcs boyfriend took difficult child to his moms to grab a shower. :)
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    WOw, Dreamer- I can't add any advice to what has already been given but wanted to let you know that you and easy child and baby are still in my thoughts. I was just wondering how you are a couple of days ago- I'm sorry to hear all this has happened. I'm surprised you've stuck with that dr this long, but I know other things are involved. I hope easy child starts feeling better. {{{HUGS}}} This must be the most difficult pregnancy I have ever heard of....
  16. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    aw.... :)
    Really, truly, it is far far from the worst preg or anything......it really shouldn't be all so awful, I mean yes, it is awful poor easy child how sick she has been.the ketoacidiosis and etc from the hyper emesis....etc.and the wic people and the darned docs being so idiotic and treating her/us SO badly......if they would just LOOK at the facts.instead of always assuming we are just being melodramatic, if they would just LOOK and SEE and TREAT things.......
    the good thing is IV does quickly restore the issues from the dehydration.and the anti emetics prevent that......and so far all the ultrasounds of the baby look like the baby is perfect and fine and even tho easy child is shrinking, BABY is growing. Nah, I had so many manymiscarriages, this is not quite on that level- except when they insist on ARGUING over if she is dehydrated or not etc. If they would just check her urine before accuseing us -if they would just say come in instead of saying- you have an appointment in 2 weeks already.....

    At first the medications were not helping a real lot, but now it IS settleing some......we could handle it all..if the medical people here would STOP trying to just ASSUME it is JUST easy child being a wimp or whatever, or stop acting like I know nothing or whatever.or stop acting like easy child should not HAVE a mother or something, I dunno. Really it is the bureacracy that is makeing it worse.......the red tape--- easy child DID try to make it all OK legally by requesting and signing Medical release of info AND even POA......except the medical ppl STILL keep trying to act like maybe I broke her arm to force her to......and they continue to act like she has no clue what is ok and normal for preg and what is an emergency etc. THEY make it so so so much worse. Not just the doctor, but also WIC, too.

    It IS possible if we went to the city for her prenatal, MAYBE it might be betetr... BUT.it is a 3 hour trip there, minimum. THat might be too far in a crisis. Too far in labor. And becuz of the Medicaide part, this IS "The" Medicaide doctor for here, and this is also "THE" high risk doctor for here. Sooo, while I tried to change her docs, it was not working out to get another doctor to see her. Politics. Red Tape.

    In between all the craziness, ALL of us here, Me, husband, difficult child, easy child, Pcs boyfriend, and my son? we are ALL very excited about the new baby. LOL. We are ALL being goofy silly, happy. A new baby, how cool is THAT? Yeesh we still go gaga over our kitties, now almost 2 yrs old.......we are SO excited about a new BABY. Good thing when it is all done, we get to bring home a new baby and NOT one of these docs! LOL. Earlier easy child said mom, the docs are just PITAS -----technicalities we have to deal with until baby is born. Temporary.
  17. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    I'm gonna toss a wild card out here.........You said she has ChampVA as her primary insurance...........Is there any way she can go on base to be seen by their OBs instead of by this apparent dudderhead she's been seeing?? Or maybe when something like this happens run her to their ER instead of the reg one?

    Ya know, I know some military hosps can be awfully bad, and some of their docs can too, but I haven't run across as bad as situations as you are dealing with reg ones.

    I can't stand the attitude many docs and medication facilities have toward welfare patients. And with what you've been thru I'm beginning to be mighty suspicious her welfare insurance is what's at the root, not her age and pregnancy.

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    Speaking from experience, if you use the clip on the pump and do not hold the hose, it IS possible for the pump to continue to spray gas, as your husband said. It happened to my son while I was in the car. The safety mechanism malfunctioned and gas sprayed everywhere. Fortunately, he was able to stop it pretty quickly. It did get all over his hands and arms and the outside of the car. It sounds like something similar may have happened with your daughter. If she fainted or got light headed and fell, with a safety mechanism that failed, it's very possible. It angers me that the attendant did nothing to help her.

    Regarding the gas odor, if you've tried the methods above and nothing has worked, another option is baking soda for the car. It naturally absorbs the liquid and odor, then can be vacuumed at the car wash. Then leave a box under the seat for awhile. Who knows? A baking soda paste may even work for her hair.

    I hope she starts feeling better soon. And I hope you have some relief soon from the constant worries and struggles. Take care of yourself.
  19. dreamer

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    The safety clip thing on the gas pumps? I am fairly sure I have not had any luck with any safety feature working? I mean um.I am fairly sure here if you ue that clip to free your hands while gas pumps, it will trigger itself to shut off when the tank is FULL, but....it does not turn the gas flow off just becuz the hose is not IN the gas tank? But, Im not positive, I will hafta go look and play with it next time I go to gas station.

    Going on base for medical- our base has recently changed dramatically....and yes, my kids COULD have theoretically gone there.UNTIL they got Medicaide. And I cannot go there becuz I have Medicare. Except they could only go there IF there were those specific types of docs there, and for a long time, no- no ob or gyne at our particular base....and now it does not matter cuz if you have Medicare or Medicaide, you cannot go there at all. And anyway, it is all under construction, the roads from here to there, so- I went last week to grocery shop- but it was hours each way.....and- while our va hospital is far from the worst one we have been at, it is sure a creepy scary not so good place. One time I had husband in their ER, there was a 19 hour wait for him to be seen, and the man next to us was dead, sitting in his chair from before we arrived.