easy child got to meet the author of the "Warriors" series last night

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    A bookstore near my mom's hosted a book signing for the latest "Warriors" story by Erin Hunter. easy child discovered these books about adventurous cats last fall, and has read 30 of them since October. So she was naturally excited to learn that she could meet the author and have her book signed.

    She learned a lot at the event -- like the fact that these books are actually written by four different people, not just Erin Hunter. And the fact that Erin Hunter is really a psuedonym! She also learned that Hunter writes the main framework for the story and then the other writers fill in the details. Hunter does not personally like cats (LOL) and is in fact allergic to them! Pretty funny.

    Here's Hunter and easy child at the signing:

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    Cool! Duckie immediately recognized easy child; she's such a beauty! :)
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    Very cool!