easy child graduated last Saturday

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    I just realized I was hitting "like" for all the graduations here, and forgot to post about easy child!
    She's got a BS in psychology with-a minor in art.
    She graduated last Saturday. It was a very long graduation ... I think it's time that they divide the colleges. Her school has grown a lot.
    Now the kids wear sashes/cowls, and braids to represent the different clubs and sororities. easy child had a lot! She was quite colorful.
    difficult child sat next to me (outside, folding chairs, hundreds of people) and said, "Can we leave? Can we go now?" 80 million times.
    Afterward, she, her boyfriend, husband and difficult child cleaned out the rest of her apartment and she signed out. She threw away a LOT of stuff! And she has four more huge bags on the curb at home.
    husband, difficult child and I stayed in a fleabag motel and paid through the nose for it. They all increase their rates on graduation weekend. It was the same rate we paid for the Homestead two weeks ago, and that's very high-end and it's off-season for them.
    We're having a barbeque style party with-a beach theme for her on Sunday. It's supposed to rain so we're prepping everything inside.
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    That's wonderful to hear!

    I think the "can we go yet" must be a hallmark of a difficult child. Tk does that whenever we are anywhere I want to be.
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    Congrats!! Love good news!