easy child had to go to ER again today

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    :-( Thank godness it was not as bad as anyone feared. SHe went to work, no doctor told her not to, and she is trying to go on. She still cannot hold anything down at all, in spite of the zofran they gave her. Today at work she started haveing chest pains. Off to ER again, in case dehydration caused arythmias. They did ekg - heart is fine. gave her a medication for reflux, in addition to the zofran. but they also said she cannot work for now. I feel bad for her, I never had morning sickness at all in any of my pregnancies, much less anything even remotely this severe. Maybe you can send good thoughts this way for her and her very very scared boyfriend. she is supposed to have an ultrasound Thursday, they think it is very very early, like 8 weeks or so, but she is SO sick and her hormone levels are SO high.....and the idea of alternatives if she cannot do the drinking required for ultrasound are not makeing her any too happy, either (or if she cannot hold the liquid in)
    Sadly for her, she did start with a better IV tech today at ER who got the IV in for today MUCH easier than the one Wed......BUT then something startled the tech, (I think the doctor walked in behind tech and bumped her) and the IV came popping out, makeing a tear in PCs arm....(Wed they could not get the IV started so the other arm is also very very bruised and has a big hole) - and requireing a 2nd attempt.
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    Thursday seems so far away - can't they do one now?

    I wish this didn't have to be so hard for easy child - so scary.
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    well, the ultrasound was scheduled seperately for the preg, unrelated to the morning sickness etc. and at that, it is rather early.....but her morning sickness timing is also a tad "off" but the doctor thought if the ultrasound was too early it would not tell as much.
    What creeps me out is how hands off wic and ob gyne all seem about dong a true exam. First easy child saw the ob gynes nurse, and originally they set the next visit (and FIRST visit with doctor) for mid august, but then a few days later easy child started to become so ill - ob gyne saw her (but did not do an exam) on an emergency basis, and sent her to er for rehydration.....but still then scheduled follow up from THAT (rehydration and ultrasund results) for July 17 (or is it 16 or 18? yeesh, so many appts in my mind, LOL- its on the calender)

    I commented today how neither wic clinic nor doctor has yet examined her and er people told me that is normal, now? THey just do bloodwork and urinalysis and vital signs and nothing else, and order OTC prenatal vitamins? AND.......prior to the preg, she had been on The Pill for over a year, BUT all that time, no doctor did an internal or pelvic on her at all ever all that time, either. ALL that time it was simply come sit and talk with doctor.....

    I am finding it all kinda strange, personally. I thought there was a huge push for early prenatal care? BUT if she had not been so ill, then all that would have occured till mid august would be for her to take prenatal vitamins. OTC ones. And her preg was confirmed in June. It just seems so loooong to me?
    I have a feeling I might be finding the whole process vastly different from when I had my son - he is 13. I expected SOME changes in things, but......(and I already know how to care for an infant policies is dramatically different since I had my son)
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    Do multiples run in your family? Just curious, because I have two friends with twins and their pregnancies involved some serious morning sickness... Sorry it's going so roughly for her. Hope they can help her get a handle on the nausea and that everything else is o.k.
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    My first thought when she had her first preg test come up positive so fast and so clear was twins. She had not missed a montly, yet, and that home test 2 weeks after her laaast monthly could not have turned positive more quick or more clear. My sis and bro are twins, but I don't think frat twins are the type that run in families? (Im not sure?) Funny, my bro who is a twin is married to an identical twin whose parents are both identical twins and her parents twins are also married to each other.Um I mean- her fathers twin is married to her mothers twin, so her aunt and uncle are her own parents identical twins. LOL (But that would not affect my easy child) My bro has 2 kids, but no twins. LOL. It did occur to me that that might be why the doctor ordered such an early ultrasound. My husband mother always said she delivered conjoined twins stillborn when my husband was a toddler. Hmm, just occured to me, when ob gyne and wic took history, neither asked about twins or multiples. No other twins on my family....no other twins in husband family (but he is an only child and his mom is an only and his father is unknown) PCs boyfriend does not know of any twins in his family.
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    Dreamer: let me start with "Thank God I'm not her!"

    I was thinking twins as well. Everyone I know that had twins was sick as dogs during the first trimester then ate like horses during the 2nd.

    I know this sounds stupid, but it worked for my cousin (two sets of frat. twins).

    Saltines with a teeny-tiny, smidge of butter or margarine. Then "rat-nibble" then one at a time while sitting in front of the tv with her feet up. When I say rat-nibble, I mean it should take her 1/2 hour to finish 1 cracker. Then teeny-tiny "rat-sips" of ginger ale (room temp) during the same 1/2 hour as the cracker. If the bubbles prove to be irritating, let it stand open for a couple of hours so it starts to get flat. It'll take all day to get through a plate of butter crackers, but it will start her stomach to get adjusted to food & drink again.

    If she's totally against ginger ale, try and type of light, non-caffiene, clear soda.

    Hope she's feeling better!

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    easy child is having absolutely horrid morning sickness as well. It was the resounding tip off that she was pregnant. She isn't eating much, and having trouble keeping down what she does eat. To make it worse, she has to take her thyroid medications, but just the thought of swallowing a pill makes her gag non stop to the point she's been hiding it in her food. Which of course isn't a huge help when you can't keep that down either.

    easy child is phoning her OB to request the Zofran, hoping it will help.

    easy child's always had morning sickness with her preg. But never like this. And while she's not gaining weight at all, she's already finding her clothing uncomfortable. Weird because she's only 8 weeks as of yesterday. Of course her timing might be off, but I doubt it as she was doing the whole ovulation chart thingy where you monitor hormone levels and such closely.

    She's also worried about twins. Travis was a twin. His fetal sib passed away and was absorbed during the preg. And I showed early as if I were further along with him.


    I told her not to complain if she has two. This pregnancy was very much wanted. lol

    I hope your daughter starts to do better soon. Morning sickness like that is awful. I had it like that with Nichole.

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    Oh, as per doctor visits........

    easy child's OB does it like that. They have to see a "pregnancy coordinator" first, then the actual OB appointment. Which to me is a bit stupid as easy child's OB is also her fam doctor. More ways to get cash, if you ask me.
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    Yikes, LOL, not sure why they push so hard for "early prenatal care" and then do not even really SEE them? Yeah, more $$.
    PCs ob/gyne is the same one who delivered my son, and this docs mom delivered easy child. LOL. Whats up with them knowing they are preg SO soon? Well, Iknew, but yes, partly cuz I was also doing the ovulation charts, temp taking etc, and a brief round of fertility medications.I NEVER "looked" preg, but while easy child has now LOST 15 pounds (and she was not big, but not small) her pants do NOT fit. Not even her sweats. My mom had monthlies with my youngest bro, so I wondered if maybe easy child had monthlies after becoming preg, too, but so far her doctor has dismissed that idea. The first week-10 days easy child knew she was preg, she was not sick, and had a great appetite.
    Yes, we force her to nibble satltines and sip gatorade, yes, LOL, my son teases her bcuz yes, she takes "rat nibbles" on thos saltines. BUt even that causes her to ...puke. (sorry) She even wakes in the wee hours to do so. Even ginger ale, and flat sierra mist, yes, room temp....Yes, we are hoping so hard 2nd trimester is better.....not a one of her friends had any morning sickness. My mom is gone, and I do not remember if she had morning sickness with my twin sibs....I do remember she had told me she was very ill with it when preg with me, and she was much younger when preg with me than my easy child is, now. husband is concerned forher, afraid becuz I had so many miscaraiges, that maybe she is going to, as well. Mine were from my Lupus and his Agent Orange exposure....but what I find is no docs except military seem to have any interest in knowing anything about or understanding Agent Orange and it's effects. So- anyway, I have little experience personally with morning sickness or beginnning to not fit in my clothes so early..... she is so weak and so miserable and looks so unhealthy. Me? I simply glowed dureing mine. and I felt great.
    So, we will continue to encourage her to nibble and sip- even if it does not stay, we remind her that SOMETHING will be absorbed before she loses it. and every little bit absorbed helps. She has moved from her room into her brothers, poor son is now sleeping in her very girly day bed, LOL. But she is too dizzy and weak to do more than sit and watch TV or look out window, altho we did take her to fireworks Thursday. It is so hard to see my kid who has been "on the go" and SO busy working and schooling and doing volunteer work be home and so.......quiet. and poor father tobe just looks so lost. He sits beside her when not at work, holding her hand, patting her head, paceing once in awhile. and reminding her "sip some" "nibble" and he remind her "theres a baby in there, a cute lil baby"
    I agree, glad its not me, but.....I think I would trade places with her if I could- UG, I hate seeing her this way. :-(
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    Sending some supportive hugs, positive thoughts and prayers.

    My sister was not pregnant with twins, but had morning sickness throughout her pregnancy with my niece. At one point, her ob/gyn had her admitted to the hospital to get nutrients through an IV. She couldn't keep anything down for the first 5 months and then craved, like nobody's business, nectarines and ate about 4 a day for the rest of her pregnancy. She can't even look at one now!

    Pregnancy can be a wierd thing. There are naturopaths and nutritionists who specialize in working with pregnancy women and severe morning sickness - perhaps you could find one to help easy child figure out what her body will hold down and how to eat so her body can absorb it better and faster. Hope that helps -