easy child is being sneaky and she's not very good at it...

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    Hee Haw. I have facebook, easy child has facebook, easy child's exbf has facebook, and her stb-boyfriend has facebook (they technically are broken up but still live together for another week).

    She had been crying to me about being under so much stress...from work and school, and how she is not in love with her boyfriend, the one she had to live with since March...she wants to come home, wah wah wah.

    So, I don't really go onto my facebook much, but something in my gut (trusty thing!) told me to check it the other day. Well, sure enough, it lists easy child and her boyfriend as ending their relationship. For kicks I go check out the exbf's facebook and it says he's "in a relationship" but not with who, like it did up until 2 weeks ago. Hmmm.

    Two days later, I notice that easy child's page lists her as "is in a relationship", along with the exbf, but her current boyfriend is listed as "single". So I casually ask her why she's still in a relationship but boyfriend is listed as single. She said she made a mistake and had to go fix it. Hahaha.

    This morning, easy child, exbf and boyfriend are all listed as 'single'.

    Now I am no Columbo, but between this and all the other horse manure easy child's been feeding up in the past two weeks, it's pretty plain to see that she and the exbf have started up. Did she think we wouldn't notice when she's home next week that she's going out with exbf again?

    H told me he ran into exbf's dad at a local lumber yard and casually mentioned, "Oh yeah, easy child told me you and exbf had a job up near her school last week. It's nice they were able to go have dinner and catch up" - H said the exbf's dad just said, "yeah, we were up there" and then left. H thinks the dad seemed a bit surprised and went with it.

    I am not going to get involved at all - but it sure is interesting to see easy child in difficult child-action...she's sooooo pathetically bad at it. Haha. I've been sharpening my investigative skills for years; I'm surprised she doesn't realize it. Even difficult child said, "easy child doesn't know who she's dealing with. By the way, how DO you always know everything???" We had a good laugh.

    So my little easy child is finally trying on her difficult child shoes. This should be interesting, now that she's about to turn 21. At least I know she's armed with all the basics of life and I believe that she will be okay. She's smart and at least she has her associates degree and wants to continue in school. She's excited about coming home and getting a new job.

    Maybe she has to try exbf on for size again to realize he's still the guy he always was. But in all fairness, he's probably matured and isn't the same guy he was two years ago...he's 23 now. Maybe he's grown up. My sister says "once a cheater always a cheater". I don't know that I agree with that statement. Other than the fact that he cheated on her with the "town bike" I always liked him...until he broke her heart. But that's between them. They were young and she was leaving for college and I think their relationship was very shaky at the time. I don't know, I just think it's between them. And although it's frustrating not to have a say at times, there is also a really nice sense of peace to be able to look at this and not be involved, you know? I like leaving it up to her to figure out a lot!

    The part of all this that really disappoints me more than anything is that she's leaving the school of her dreams for what I think is over a guy. Her life. Not mine. We gave her the basics and supported her through the first two years, until she got her associates. The rest is up to her now. Everyone deserves the chance to make their own choices, even if we think they are bad ones. Haha.

    Just thinking out loud.
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    How funny Jo. I check into MySpace once in a while to see whats going on with my kids - I never ask them as most times I don't get a straight answer LOL

    All of mine as sooo bad at lying or letting some crutial information out of a story where if you think about what they just told you, it doesn't even make sense.

    I remember back in the day, when I had plans to do something or go somewhere I wasn't supposed to be, It was like a three day process in plans so I could cover my behind in case I ran into a relative (and there were a LOT) or a neighbor. I never got caught out. Course having said that, back in the day there was no cellphones, MySpace, Facebook or histories that can be looked at on the puter.

    Your wise to stay out of it - She seems to have her head on squarely on her shoulders. But keep checking the Facebook page :)

  3. Suz

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    Pretty funny. They certainly underestimate us, don't they? lol

    Can she take a "leave of absence" from her school, Jo? I know some schools let you do that instead of dropping out. That would give her an opt-in for later if the make up relationship doesn't work out.

  4. hearts and roses

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    Great idea Suz! Except she withdrew the other day...before I had a chance to tell her to wait until the last possibly day without penalty. Argh. That also would have been good in regards to her financial aid. Oh well.

    I just spoke with her and she was telling me about some plans she has with her ex (the one here at home) for the week after she returns. I didn't say anything...it's better [for me] if I don't.