easy child is sick and 400 miles away!

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Aw, my poor easy child called me the other night and told me that her psoriasis is acting up, right along her hairline and her exzema also (due to stress). And that she felt two small lumps in her neck. So she scheduled an appointment with a local walk in clinic that will accept our insurance down in VA.

Well, guess what? She has Pink Eye VIRUS, not the infection, but I think it's something like a strep virus - ew. And her psoriasis was so badly infected they had to give her a steroidal foam for her scalp and put her on antibiotics. And the lumps? Those were her lymph nodes freaking out due to all the infectious yuck going on around her head! Poor thing. She said she was in agonizing pain, with shooting pain down her neck into her chest and shoulder. She said the psoriasis had turned into actual sores and were very painful too. She called me last night because the pain medications they gave her were not working and wondered if she could take ibuprofen...the bottle said not to take any aspirin products. Wouldn't ibuprofen be considered an aspirin product? I told her to call the pharmacist and ask them - they would know better than I.

I told easy child, "Oh I wish I was there to take care of you" and she said, "I wear big girl panties now, mom, I can take care of myself"!! LOL - How great is that?
Awwwww, poor baby! That must be so painful, for you and her! I hate when my 23 yo easy child is sick and I am not there to help her.

Hope she is feeling much better with the medications soon!!



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Sounds like you raised a big girl panty wearer......how good is that!!!! Still calls her mom for sympathy though......

Thanks for sharing.....and hope she feels better soon!