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  1. mrscatinthehat

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    Well, after all of these months of worrying, sweating and busting my tookus easy child leaves on her trip in the morning. She is a student ambassador. They go to Italy, France and Spain. She is packed. She has lots of money and I can get her more on the prepaid card if I need to. She has phone cards. She has the directions on how to use them. She has Euros already. So at nine in the morning I put her on a bus with 20 other kids and they head to the airport.

    As I expected her father didn't put forth much toward the endeavor. It hurt her a lot a long the way but she worked hard on all she had to do. I worked hard and got it all paid for. We ended up with about a quarter of the trip itself helped out with fundraising. The rest husband and mostly me paid off. I am so glad too. This will be an experience that she will never forget. She earned all of her own spending money. Every paycheck she earned at her job over the year she saved. All birthday and christmas money too. She had a goal and she saved more than she thought she would. It was good to see that she could do it.

    So as hard as it will be to know that my 17 year old is on another continent without me I am so happy and excited for her. I think I actually feel what the meaning of bittersweet means.

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    How completely exciting! An awesome experience she is never going to forget for sure. What a lucky gal. And what a hard worker! I'm impressed at her savings! Kudos to you and husband for helping her save for this adventure. Boo to her bio D for not chipping in.
    I'm just glad to hear overall that she's heading off! That's wonderful. She's going to learn so much, see things most of us dream of! Who knows what inspiration she may get for her future from her travels :) She is getting to do what so many of us wish our kids can do. I know we couldn't afford to send easy child for something like this, though she would love it when she's older!
    Give her a big hug when you send her off and make her promise to load up on pics to share with you! She should start a blog page or something that you can keep in touch via!!!
    GO easy child!!!
  3. everywoman

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    I'm so excited for her---and for you. This is such a great opportunity. She will have a ball.
  4. Lothlorien

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    That's really exciting for her! How awesome that she saved her money that long. I hope she really enjoys herself.
  5. Abbey

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    Beth...what an exciting adventure for her. You should be proud.

  6. mrscatinthehat

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    Ok I admit it. I am a sap. I cried when she got on the bus.

  7. Star*

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    oh beth........

    hugs. you are a really great Mom to do this for her. I hope we get pictures
  8. ML

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    Wow, a true trip of a lifetime. This is a huge accomplishment and I hope she has a great time.

    Gentle hugs to mom.
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    Definitely a trip of a lifetime. How wonderful for her. I would be considered a sap too because I know I would be crying too!
  10. mog

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    Great Job MOM!!! Hope easy child has a save and wonderful trip. I am already crying for my easy child to go to college in the fall (4 hours away)-would totally flip if she left the state much less the continent-- This is something that she wil be thankful for to you for giving her the opportunity and am sure that she sooo appreciates YOU. HUGS