easy child moved back home and how difficult child is doing

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    easy child moved back home yesterday. She is going to stay for the week and see how it goes around here. I am so happy to have her back. She was just around the corner, but I missed her so much. It shows what it will be like in a few short months when she leaves for college. I thought I was ready for that but now I am not so sure.

    difficult child seems to be doing pretty well. I am still very nervous around her. I worry about what I will say or do that might make her go off. She and husband are getting along very well right now. It has been nice to see him step up and help with this. The Abilify is making her really tired at night still so that is a good thing, but she is still pretty tired in the mornings. We haven't had any huge outbursts since easy child moved out. I think it probably is a honeymoon, but I will take that right now. I am hoping that while she is honeymooning she is also learning in therapy.

    For me, I am still having my own panic attacks every morning. I am so scared that I will set her off. I know I need to get past that, and have started therapy myself to help with it. I am also completely freaking out becasue she will be starting school either this Thursday or the following Monday, and I have no idea how she is going to be about getting ready and being on time. And, keeping up with homework. That is the huge one. She is flunking out, and I am afraid that she will become overwhelmed again, and we will be right back where we started. So, I have alot to work on myself.

    I think we are all trying right now, and I guess that is all I can hope for at this point. I know there are no quick fixes or magic wands, I just wish there was a rewind button so that I could have been a little more aware. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We definitely still need them. I am hoping we are now on the climb out of the dark hole.
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    Are you planning a transition meeting with the iop and school to help adjust expectations and make goals? I think you are right, she could easily go into panic and overwhelmed mode if it is not clear that you and the school are still in charge just like in iop and too bad if she wants to be able to do what she in her mind thinks she SHOULD do, it didn't work and there is a new sheriff in town!

    I also think that since the dad taking over the morning routine has worked out so well, and because you have to protect YOUR health, he should keep it up. You can take over for the day, after school can be you until he gets home and you both can be the team you have become for nights. He needs to realize that you are in recovery too. You have been traumatized lately and really need help and protection too.

    Not that it matters what I think, lol... just sharing as I always do....

    SO........... how are they planning for that?, it seems awfully soon. Is she still going to IOP? IF you think she is not ready due to lack of planning and you need a meeting then tell dont ask. Once it starts it might be hard to go back. It is a short week so for sure ask for the following Mon.
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    We are going to ask for Monday because this week is finals week. I just don't want to send her in Thursday and Friday and have her take midterms/finals. I think that would be just so much. I think we are supposed to have a meeting, but not sure. That is the bad thing about this program. I feel like we don't have much dialogue with them. We will probably have to pay out of pocket for those 2 days but I think that would be best at this point.