easy child needs bubble wrapped

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    Darn that child. I don't like it when the nurse calls me from school to tell me I need to come get my child to take her to the dr as she hurt herself doing a cartwheel in PE. Words arm making a popping sound do not warm the heart.

    So to the dr we went. She strained/ sprained her elbow. No break (there is someone at least looking out for her). So she is in a sling. Of course that means no finishing the swimming season. Tonight and Saturday were the last two meets. She also is out of PE until she goes to the dr again next friday.

    Now after the appointment I took her back to school (I am so mean). I didn't think anything of this situation until someone at work tonight asked me how she hurt it. I told her and she asked if they were doing that in gym or was she messing around. Can you believe I had not even considered that as a possibility? I told the other person I probably didn't want to know. But of course since the thought was now in my head I had to know. Yep you guessed it she was messing around. They don't do any tumbling in this high school for PE. It took a great deal for me not to blow a gasket.

    easy child doesn't want to work on Saturday because it is her right arm and she is right handed. I told her before I even knew that it was her messing around that she needed to at least try. Oh you know Saturday morning I will be up and ready to deliver her to work.

    I know accidents happen and kids will be kids but that just chaffs my behind.

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    Well...she is a kid and kids do do cartwheels. It isnt like she was jumping off the bleachers into a swan dive. Or jumping off the house onto mattresses, or jumping on the trampoline and doing karate moves on her younger brother...lol. Can you tell I have been to many ER visits?
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    Oh I can relate! Last Tue I got the "call". difficult child tripped over his own 2 feet coming out of the bathroom and spilt open his head behind his left ear. That require 1 ER trip and 3 stiches. On Tue of this week we had the stiches removed. On Wed I got the "call" again. He had fallen off a scooter and into a door. That required a second ER trip and 2 staples. I requested no more scooters, trampolines or bathroom breaks (haha) for the remainder of the year!
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    Admitting time -

    I danced classical ballet for 10 years. I was tall, thin, willowy and good. (modest too).

    My Mom was in the hallway as I practiced and leaped across the dance floor, pirouette, grand jette, (French spelling is off), and ple-ay...light on my feet, the only ballerina in the entire troup to fall up the steps and chip her front tooth....I was in swan mode.....little ting ting ting of my pointed toe across my left ankle.

    A woman came in with a young child and said "My she is beautiful, such a great dancer." My mother responded proudly with the usual agreeable nod and a thank you. Then the woman asked - "Did ballet make your daughter more graceful? My daughter is 4 and a klutz." With a poker straight face my Mother responded "Well.......(thinking pause) it has made her fall more gracefully."

    OH THANKS Mom - not like I'm dancing here with 2 cement block feet -

    But she was correct - and I still loose my balance a few times a day and I'm a klutz, a 44 year old klutz with a bubble wrap suit. lol

    The last time I did cartwheels? I skinned off the tip of my nose - my elbow gave out and I did a face dive down the neighbors cement driveway. I finally just stuck a bandaid on my nose and people quit asking questions.

    Hugs :laugh: lil old bandaid nose
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    Kids horsing around and getting hurt??? Nooooooooooooooooo. That never happens. Just ask my little brother.

    He takes Hapkido and was doing back hand springs during a break. Length wise down the room was fine....plenty of room. Cross wise....not as much room. He was in midair and upside down when he slammed into one of those wall mirrors. You can't tell by the scar but the side of his knee gaped so wide Dad said you could have fit a baseball in it. He also got the bottom of his big toe on the other leg. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital and they took him to surgery to make sure there wasn't tendon/ligament damage. Amazingly there was no damage to nerves/tendons/ligaments or the bone....just the Grand Canyon of gashes. And later when they were cleaning up the mess....apparently they found a chunk of his tissue. :sick:

    Glad she is relatively ok and hopefully she'll at least try to go to work. Hugs!
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    Nawwwwwww. Never happens around here either. :rofl: *snort*

    Perhaps I shouldn't mention Travis and Nichole out in the yard playing cops and robbers with his new wooden rifle......(the boy is blind) and he turned around and walloped her right in the eye with it........and she didn't blink so it tore her cornea and cost us a nice big ER visit.

    Or the time Travis was 3 and easy child was 5 and he was jumping on the bed......easy child lying on the floor with a whitsle in her mouth....CRASH! easy child lost 6 teeth and almost had her tongue severed from her mouth. *I'd told them less than 5 mins before to NOT jump on the bed.

    And just so you don't think this is all difficult child related..........

    At 3 I had my left inside ankle bone cut off by getting my leg caught in the spokes of the back tire of the bike I was getting a ride on with my 5 yr old brother. My kids had been told this story many times thru out their childhood and often would ask to look at it.

    So what brilliant idea does easy child have at 14? Let's ride on the back of a bike down a steep, steep hill..........Yup. Got her foot caught in the spokes. sigh Was on crutches for 2 wks. But at least she didn't loose any bone.

    Kids do stupid things. Even 16 yr olds do stupid things. Yup. I'd make her go to work/school. It won't hurt her arm to do so.

  7. Andy

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    I am sorry about missing the last swim meets. That must be hurting more than anything else! Will she go and cheer on her team mates?