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    easy child had her prom yesterday. She was goiing to get difficult child a ticket, so difficult child could attend a prom, but, difficult child was not happy with where prom was going to be. It was at Medievil Times. easy child loves going there, but difficult child did not think it sounded like a nice choice for prom. For one thing-you eat with your hands......
    PCs friends mom died last year after prom, it was expected, so last year th ekids all went to that home for a mini pre prom party, and a family friend of that mom donated a limo for the kids. That girl went stag, easy child had her long time boyfriend....and there were a few others there. Last year easy child bought her own gown, I chipped in a little for her birthday that was just before prom, and their prom was ON Mothers Day. yuk.
    This year easy child had not said much about prom, but she did decide not to buy a new dress, she wore a dress she had gotten herself for something else 2 years prior. It was NOT a full length gown. They did meet at same girls house again this year and the family friend still provided them a limo. Some of those girls gowns were well over $500!! They had their nails done to match their gowns, and they had garters to completely match, as well. and of course corsages. I mean the corsages and garters and nails even had the exact same sequins etc ! 3 weeks ago they had a tattoo party so all the girls except easy child had new tatoos....(it was the day before PCs 18th birthday, she asked me to sign, and I wouldn't, a tatoo party sounded weird to me) So easy child was "unedrdressed" compared to her friends, but she seemed comfortable with herself (I was glad) Parentes were also invited to this pre prom gathering. SO I got to see all the kids and their dresses etc. :)
    A few mins after they left in limo, she texted me. They got to school, were taking school busses to prom place- and found out they had assigned seats on the bus. None of the kids were very happy about that. They got to prom and found out they also had assigned seating AT prom. They were even more unhappy about that.
    They had been told if they requested eating utensils, they would be provided. easy child had said she was going to take a fork in her purse, but I told her maybe she better not with the recent high security concerns....so, the kids requested forks and were denied. ?? easy child texted me and said mom, I cannot believe we are all eating with our hands while dressed SO nice.
    They had a schedule of events for prom, and that said they would have danceing......after the show at MT. Nope, come time to dance, I got another text from easy child, no danceing.
    The school had arranged for them to stay at MT until 2 am.....I guess to avoid a post prom party on their own? Supposedly there would be the danceing and snacks? Nope, did not happen.
    SO by 2 am the kids were pretty hungry, again, with nothing they could do about it.
    They boarded school busses back to school at 2 am, and at 230 easy child texted me to tell me one of the busses caught fire? En route, so both busses had to stop- and wait for a replacement bus? They turned the busses off while they waited. Now yesterday was rather nice outside, in the 60s and sunny, but we were supposed to get storms last nite. THankfully it did not storm, but temp dropped to 40s. So, the girls were quite chilly.
    I did not see easy child yet after prom becuz the girls house where they had their pre prom party was haveing the girls all sleep there after.
    I dunno, but I am wondering if the kids are going to have some strong memories of this event, LOL- cuz it sure seemed like very little went quite right, LOL. I feel bad for the girls with the very outrageously expensive gowns. I am proud of easy child for "recycling" her formal wear and feeling comfortable with herself when doing so. She had just paid for her trip to ireland with school, which was a big factor in her wearing the other dress for prom this year.
    I am curious what her and her boyfriend will have to say re prom once she comes home today. difficult child is very happy to have decided not to go after all.
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    It certainly sounds like a memorable prom!! But not in a very good way. I hope that whoever planned this holds MT responsible for some things. At least gets a REASON why they were denied silverware, my stars!

    You should feel very proud of easy child for wearing a dress she already had. I have a friend who works for a higher end dept store. she used to be in the dept that had the prom dresses. You would NOT believe the Promzilla stories she told (like the girl who didn't like a dress so she wiped lipstick on it while her MOM stood outside hte dressing room. And then the MOM denied it!! But they had proof - a camera outside the dressing room caught the dress as it was carried in! after that the cameras were changed so that when the customer went to try things on, the salesperson had to hold both sides of an item up to a camera!)

    Anyway, I hope someone asks the prom committee what happened to the dancing (as this sounds like they paid a lot for tickets), and the silverware.

    I hope easy child had fun anyway.

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    Whoever planned this prom obviously is counting on smaller numbers for next year. Ickkk, I would have been totally ticked if I had to pay money to attend this fiasco.......
    Assigning of seats on the bus and at dinner without asking who you wanted to sit with???? Sounds like a control freak in charge.....

    Good for your easy child to wear a dress she had..... Poor juniors----bet they aren't looking forward to prom next year......
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    Years from now when easy child is sitting around with friends telling prom disaster stories, she'll win. And it will be a topic of discussion at each and every class reunion.....unless the same people organize the reunions and dictate who sits with whom and what they talk about.
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    Ack! What a disaster! Looks like your difficult child had it right after all!

    Someone on that planning committee messed up.

    Our planning committee was better in that the kids went on a nice local ship for dinner and dancing, then went to AfterProm at the Y (which was decorated). But the bad part was that AfterProm ended at 3 a.m. Who came up with-THAT brilliant idea? 3????!!!!

    I know what you mean about the $500 dresses. My easy child wore her cousin's dress, a very tasteful strapless black satin gown with-a white satin band across the chest area. Her boyfriend wore a b&w tux and they matched perfectly.
    Their mutal friend, who is a drama queen (she's actually the star of all their plays and plans to major in voice and drama in college) decided to splurge on a fabulous bodice-fitting, glittery gold gown with-a train. She had her nails professionally done--in gold--and wore gold jewelry and shoes. Everyone in their party had to wear something gold to complement Her Majesty.

    As soon as they got to the dance, L. stepped on her hem and ripped it, causing the sequins to fall off row by row. Apparently she didn't notice until it was about 6" off the floor. So a gay waiter, who happened to be a seamstress, saved the day, by using a lighter and melting the sequins and thread and securing a new hem.

    Sounds like a sitcom plot!!! LOL. I burst out laughing when easy child told me. She was so serious about it all but, hey, it would make a great TV show.
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    I am not sure how much the planning committee had to do with the assigned seating-----the juniors are who picks where prom is.....so easy child was on planning committee LAST year, but not this year, LOL. I am thinking the asigned seating on bus and at prom may be a side effect result from the 4 bomb threats the district has had this last week and a half or so, the schools are in very very strict lockdown with super high security/rules to the extreme....
    Yes, one girls gown was flourescent orange with rainbow colored sequins, and her nails and garter matched exactly, it sounds guady and weird, but her coloring? she even had glitter in her hair the same colors as the sequins, and the colors were in the same color order, LOL She did carry it off well, LOL. BUT pre prom, she got tired of her heels and sort of squatted down and everyone said she looked like a pumpkin, which she took very well, and began to LOL and requested someone take her picture looking like a pumpkin. Another gown was iridescent opalesque lavender, and her garter and corsage and nails also matched perfectly. identically to her gown. One girl had a black gown with lime green beads....her nosegay was lime green flowers and black violets. LOL - PCs boyfriend at first thought the black violets were---------black olives ROFL.

    easy child got home this morning, and said it was not all so bad after all, they all had a great time in spite of everything weird. They originally planned to go to Six Flags today, but, the busses did not get them back till 5 am, and the weather took a wicked downturn and it is very chilly and threatening to rain, now.
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    A black olive nosegay? ROFL!
    These poor kids ... they WILL have memories.