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    about what she is going to do about summer. She signed up for 15 hours at our local community college - she was suppose to stat today but they have not received her transcript so she could start this one particular class. Today when she came by (I told her and her boyfriend yesterday that she HAD to come by this week to clean her room because we have company coming) she worked on her room but did not get it up to company standard before she started with her arts and crafts. I asked her If she was going to get a part time job since she was not going to be able to take that class and she said I don't know. I reminded her that she doesn't have all of the financial aide to cover her second semester next year and that we can not help her financially and she was so unconcerned. I was a little confused because I have already expressed my concern about her choice to live with her boyfriend,his father and girlfriend since she is not providing for the household.My daughter insists that they don't care because they know that she is a college student and cant help. I told her that it was not "fair" for her to think that she can live there for free and that she has to be doing something for the welfare of the household.UGH i don't know when my easy child became a leech but it pisses me off!!! Her boyfriend says that he doesn't mind paying for her but that is NOT how I raised her. I TOLD her NOT to depend on ANYONE else. (maybe that is why NONE of my children NEED me anymore _ Now is that good or bad???) What am I suppose to do now?
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    I agree that it is not fair that she live "scott-free". I sounds as if her boyfriend and his parents will do anything to keep her in their life. She cannot not ride the free train forever so hopefully sooner better than later she will learn the hard way ..... good luck ! :D