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    so nasty illegal easy child went riding today for the first time in 9 years!! :)

    it was soo exciting to see her break out of her shell that way jump up on that horse and ride. she was so excited about it, you could see it. she's like a little kid with me lately. you could see how she wanted to smile the entire time yet wouldn't give a full one.

    sheesh i think this was all for attention and now she's reverting back to younger. she came to me twice this week twice for advice!! can you believe? and calmly sat down discussed something with-me without freaking out on me. shocking.

    she's laughing, funny again, quick on her toes, doing projects in her room with her friend i let over. some really good junk's going on with her as of late. i think zoloft is doing the trick.

    may get bumpy again when therapy hits yet im just enjoying what's here now. we at at dinner tonight with-her friend here and just laughed about stuff for a while.

    so this is a happy report!!! onward and upward........ we'll see what the weekend brings since she's punished that may be rough.
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    MODS :) i put this in the wrong forum sooo sorry. still obsessing about husband LOL.
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    me too. was really cute. i think she needs that now. sometime for her, things for her sort of thing.. difficult child tried to ofcourse make it about her while there, got jealous easy child was better on horse than her. all the typical behaviors. but i popped her in place and ignored them and let easy child have her 30 min of me watching her. horses are good it may help her.
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    Sounds to me like easy child wanted some attention... And bad attention is better than no attention, right? (SURE, WHATEVER...)

    It's good to read this. I'll bet it's helping you, too.
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    i love love the smell of horse ****! lol. sounds funny yet i truly was born to the wrong family lol. loved loved seeing her on the horse. guess what? today she's chaperoning yes her a party at the school. she's very active in the student government the past week. so they elected ms. trouble to oversee the younger grades at a valentines day dance tonight at the school.

    she isnt' so thrilled yet i'm proud of her! 2 days ago she got an award for helping feed the homeless and also raising money for the troops in school. can you imagine? last week arrested this week awards? go figure.

    i always gave her attention so i dont' get it. i thikn it's just im popping difficult child into place more and siding with easy child more and also the zoloft is huge right now. i'm just enjoying it i dnot' know what next week will bring. i should post about the award that's a cool thing to say about her.

    she's been so steady and even all week long. husband usually drives her to school since ex best freind isnt' getting her in am. anymore yet lately i've been getting up early and taking her. we dont' really say anything yet i guess me doing that too helps.
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    Maybe horses should be easy child's thing and not difficult child's since she didn't seem to enjoy it from what you said.

    Congrats about the wonderful news on easy child. It's so nice when our kids are recognized for their goodness.