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    So you all know I've been having trouble with difficult child so I thought I would post something positive about easy child. He is adjusting to living with his dad very well. He still asks me everytime I see him when he can come back home again, but he is holding his own at school and at home. I check his grades online every Friday and he has been getting A's and B's. His dad still chooses not to give him his Focalin and I'm okay with that for now. He seems to be doing well in school so I am going to closely monitor him and continue to make sure he is doing okay. His case carrier tells me his teachers do not see any problems with him being able to focus in school. I am not sure why he was struggling so badly a couple of years ago but now he seems to be doing well. The only thing I can think of is maybe the medications helped train him how to focus and stay on task. Now that he's off the medications he seems to have adopted a better learning style. At least that is my theory.

    Anyway, he loves his new school and has made quite a few friends despite his lack of social skills. He is working one on one with a speech therapist at school. The therapist emailed me last week and said he is showing signs of improvement. He is making more eye contact and he is even showing some facial expression, which is huge for him. He did have a minor incident with a friend a couple of weeks ago. easy child got up in his friend's face and started reciting a part of a funny cartoon really loudly. He was just inches away from the boy and was invading his personal space. He was talking way too loud which also irritated the boy. The other boy slapped easy child across the face. Both boys were called into the principal's office where easy child was explained to why his behavior was inappropriate. easy child has no concept of personal space so he was very confused as to why this boy was so offended at him being so close to him. easy child thought he was being funny and his friend would find him humorous. But it was explained to easy child about respecting other's personal space and how to speak in a quite voice. The boys made up and are back to being best friends. So I am happy he seems to be doing well. Of course his dad is taking all the credit for how well he is doing. But he was getting straight A's when he was living with me and he also had friends at school and was doing quite well. Of course my raising him for the past 12 and a half years doesn't mean anything to his dad, but that's okay. I know I did the best job I could with him and that right now I made the right decision.
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    Oh yes and I forgot. I am going to take him for two weeks in July. We have several activties already planned. We are going to Sea World and the zoo and the movies. And of course plenty of time swimming at the pool. I can't wait to spend two whole weeks with him. I totally miss him.
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    I'm really glad he's coming home for part of the summer. This is very important for both of you. He really needs to know that you are still part of his life, and you need that direct "personal" time.
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    Glad he is doing well and you are going to have lots of fun.