easy child was in an accident

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    He's ok. His two friends that were with him are ok, although one has a pretty severe headache and I'm keeping a close eye on him. He hit his head on the ceiling of the car. He was cleared by the medics, but I'm still watching him. He's way more subdued than normal. They were all wearing their seatbelts. easy child is going to have racoon eyes tomorrow from the airbag. They're already looking pretty dark underneath.

    He was driving one of his friends car (friend was with him - friend has the car, but only has his permit...that's why easy child was driving). They were on a road with a lot of hills. As this part of Ohio is really flat, that section of the road around here is called the Hilly Road. They crested a hill and there was a car backing out of the driveway. It's not more than a hundred feet (probably less) from the crest of the hill to that driveway. It was raining. They were doing the speed limit of 45mph. They couldn't stop. You could see the skid marks on the road. The side and back of the other car was just smashed all to heck and then the car was shoved forward and into a tree.

    His friends car will more than likely be totaled. While not technically totaled, the cost of the repairs would be more than the car is worth. The driver of the other car was uninjured. His passenger was transported to the hospital. easy child said she was just sitting there - said she looked tired and wasn't speaking. The cop said it wasn't a life threatening injury, but that's all he would say.

    easy child called me, and my mom - who was here - and I headed over there. That's a phone call that rattles your nerves - your 16 year old kid, out of breath and panicky telling you he's been in an accident. The whole way over there I felt like I was going to vomit. Plus, I couldn't figure out what he was doing over there. It's not where he should have been. 2 minutes later and I wouldn't have been home. Literally. I was putting on my shoes to leave to take difficult child shopping when he called. And I don't have a cell phone. difficult child has her prepaid cell, but he doesn't know the number. I was the first person he called and by the time we got there, the medics were already gone. They called me to get my ok not to transport easy child. I guess they have to transport a minor unless they have a parent say otherwise. They said all the boys checked out ok.

    The cop was a real ass. He was being a jerk from the get go and then when he was asking easy child questions and easy child tried to answer, he snapped, 'Are you getting smart with me, boy?' At that point, I stepped in and told him that this is the first time he's been in an accident and that he's scared and shook up. He responded that he's handled over 400 accidents and a lot of them with minor drivers, yada, yada, yada. I said I'm sure you have, but this is easy child's first and he's scared and shook up. He chilled considerably after that. He had easy child in the back of his car and everytime I heard him start to ask easy child a question, I leaned in so I could hear.

    After all was said and done, he said unless something drastically changed after he interviewed the other driver at the hospital the other driver would be cited for improper backing. You're not supposed to back out of those driveways. You can't see because of the hills. They all have turn arounds in them and that particular one (that the other driver was backing out of) had a section as long as the house is - huge house, too. I'm thinking it was someone turning around as opposed to someone that lives there.

    easy child's friends parents (who own the car) were there, too, and took pictures of both cars, the driveways, the road, etc. They're just glad everyone is ok. easy child is like one of their own as is their son with me. He was so afraid they were going to be mad at him and keeps apologizing profusely. Friend's mom called him after we left the scene to make sure he knows that they're not upset with him. She doesn't want him to feel guilty.

    Update: While I was typing this the cop called to say that the other driver was being cited. He also said that they other driver and his passenger are ok...that she had a barrette in her hair and the force of the impact threw her head back against the seat and the barrette tore a gash in her scalp. They have been released and were going home. They are from out of town and were turning around in the driveway.

    What a long day. difficult child had me up all night. My mom and difficult child are like oil and water and I was having to mediate between them for almost 6 hours. The accident and the stress that entails. Then I took difficult child shopping.

    I'm just glad everyone is ok.
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    OMG! What a major scare!! My heart dropped to my toes at just the title of the post!

    I'm so relieved everyone was ok. Poor easy child. Hard enough to have an accident as an adult, much worse as a kid. Must have scared the holy heck out of them both. I'm glad you intervened with the officer. No sense in it as it wasn't even the boy's fault. sheesh

    Sending (((hugs))) for easy child and you too. That is not a fun call to get.
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    When I talked to the paramedic and asked him how bad it was he said there was 'some front end damage' and I thought he said the airbags did NOT deploy, but I heard him wrong as they did in fact deploy.

    So, I was expecting to drive up onto a fender bender. I think my eyes about came out of my head when I saw friend's car sideways in the road and the driver front side just all smashed to heck. The driver's door wouldn't open.

    So, then I noticed the boys and made a beeline over to them, but couldn't find easy child. I asked them where easy child was and they said he was in the back of the cop car. I asked them why as I was walking over there (I thought maybe he was being arrested and my heart dropped), not even noticing the cop standing right there, and the cop snapped, "Because that's where I told him to sit." I was so taken back by his tone that I couldn't even respond. I just realized tonight that he probably didn't realize I was the mom. (Afterall, I had just gotten my hair done and put on makeup for the first time this year. LOL) Once he made that connection, he chilled out. Was as nice as could be on the phone tonight.

    However, he shouldn't have been treating easy child that way to begin with - even if he had been at fault. He's a kid who was involved in an accident. Anyone is bound to be scared and freaking out in that scenario...especially a kid. And everyone on the scene said easy child did nothing to warrant the behavior from the cop.

    I am proud of the way easy child handled himself. He answered all questions honestly. He wrote out his statement and it was just the facts. I would have been a babbling idiot. We just got our new proof of insurance cards last week and easy child read something on there that said don't admit responsibility - which is why his statement read basically that he crested the hill, saw the car, slammed on the breaks and jerked to the left, the car slid. Period. Nothing about impact. I've never read those things from the insurance company. I just take my card and throw the rest away. Pretty smart kid. No matter, though, as I told easy child if it had been me driving instead I would have hit him, too. There was just no time to stop.

    Thanks for the hugs. I've definitely been on an adrenaline rush all day. easy child has been pretty subdued. Poor guy.
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    Glad everyone is okay. Accidents bite, whether an adult or a kid. Sounds like he held things together remarkably well. Way To Go D!!!!
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    I've had a few of those phone calls myself so I know how frightened you must have been. So glad that no one was hurt through. The policeman sounds like a real :censored2: - he had no reason to treat your son that way, especially since it obviously wasn't his fault. I'm sure he was already upset and scared ... why make it worse. Unfortunately, some of them are like that - play the heavyhanded authoritarian bigshot with the kid and then straighten right up when it's the parents they are dealing with.

    It sounds like you son handled it very well though, probably better than I would have.
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    Glad there were no serious injuries other than the car..... scary stuff when accidents happen.......
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    My fourth day of driving my car that I saved years for I was broadsided by a guy going 70 on a city street. Keep in mind...I was in a Pinto. ;) Fortunately, no fire bombs.

    I was terrified to call my folks. I thought they would be mad even though it was the other guys fault. My car was totalled.

    I'm so glad that everyone came out ok. Shame on the cop.

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    So glad all are ok. Sounds like easy child had some good thinking going on.

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    Thank goodness everyone is OK. It is such a worry when our teens start driving. I'm sure this experience will make him a more careful driver. You never forget the sounds and feeling of an impact.

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    I'm so glad easy child and others are all o.k. How very scary. Hugs to your easy child!
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    Glad to hear everyone is okay and only minor injuries.

    Wynter - you handled that a LOT better than I think I would have. I'm really sorry it happened - but I think the maturity of your easy child in making sure he was driving probably saved lives.

    HUGE HUGS to all.
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    Thanks everyone. The kids are fine today. easy child's eyes turned out fine, but his nose is swollen. The one that hit his head is no longer complaining of a headache.

    I've told him repeatedly that it doesn't matter how careful of a driver YOU are, you always have to watch out for the other drivers. But, you know how kids are. Experience is a good teacher. It's a hard way to learn a lesson, though.

    Even though he was doing the speed limit, he was driving too fast for the conditions (raining and wet roads) and he doesn't know the road. He's never driven it before. And he didn't know the car. It was the first day he had driven it. It's heavier than my car and has a bigger engine. And I *know* they were driving that road because of the hills...you get that tummy turn-over on that road. They were only supposed to pick a friend up from work. It should have been a 10 minute round trip. They were miles from home.

    So, I'm annoyed at that and I know he knows it although I haven't really said anything. I figured that the accident itself was lesson enough. We talked about again watching out for other drivers, taking it easy on unfamiliar roads, etc. Besides, he got enough **** from his dad.

    I'll have to post his dad's reaction (he's such a flaming jerk), but I'm too tired tonight. It'll end up turning into a vent and a rant, too.
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    I am so glad nobody was hurt. How scary.
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    I am so glad that your son is OK. Give him a hug from Auntie Big Bad.
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    GLad everyone is OK. Bet that had your heart going strong!