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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Jena

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    hey!! so, easy child totally flipped today infront of difficult child and set her off. Oh, the joy of weekends.......... lol.

    it's the same ongoing boyfriend's dad is an alcoholic issue with-easy child. now summer's coming and the family wants to include lauren in on stuff, like boating for instance.

    i told easy child today the jig is up i can't hold this information you have given me any longer regarding his dad and the potentially volatile sitaution there.

    I let her go boating today, finally met the boyfriends mother. their going on a seperate boat. she didn't even want me to meet his mom yet i told her are you kidding your 15 you are not going to go on someone's boat with-o me meeting them. so, she's going boating with-him and the mom and her best friend and her boyfriend.

    It's hard, it's one of those sitautions where you really think to yourself, ok this could turn out to be ugly.

    so, i'm going to call the mom this week and just say hey i know your husband's an alcoholic, i'm sorry for you yet there are rules to when my daughter will be spending time with your family i can't and won't risk her. i'll say it alot nicer. if i can work around this for easy child's sake I will. Yet she can't be in the car at anytime with-this dad nor in a boat, nor do i want her "hanging" at their house.

    i hope she dumps this boy soon. dont' get me wrong he's a good kid (i think) yet he comes with-so much
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    I should add the dad isnt' a recovering alcoholic and easy child has said that boyfriend tells her dad is volatile and abusive when he drinks.
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    Wow! I am so surprised that easy child even thinks she feels comfortable around this dad!

    I'm with you on the face to face meeting of adults involved in a boating event.
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    thanks. i want to just anti up with-the mom and tell her look my daugther has told me about your ex husband (they were married, they divorced she left and than she went back she couldn't make if financially the story goes), rough tale I know. Yet it's my job to make sure easy child is safe.

    so, i'm just going to tell the mom listen in order for this to work easy child needs to be in a car only with-you at any given time i allow her to attend functions. at no time should she be in the vehicle with-the dad.

    easy child is only 15, it isnt' at all surprising to me that she'd put herself in the situation with-her boyfriends dad. it really isnt. grown woman put themselves in the situation. all she knows is she wants to be around her boyfriend, felt she needed to tell me the truth. i dont' think the dad has ever shown that side to easy child, yet i have to talk openly to the mom. i'm giong to feel bad for her (the mom) yet it is what it is.

    ya know??