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    So, easy child got engaged in January. Found out in March they are expecting. He drives semi cross county and isn't home much, but requested to be home two weeks ago for the doctor appointment. To hear the heartbeat. They estimated she is about 8 - 9 weeks at the time. No heartbeat. He was sad.

    I had a misscarriage the first trimester and I am now really worried. They scheduled a cervical ultrasound this week. He won't be there. I am praying all is well, and it was just too early.

    They (doctor too) figured due date is 11-4-11. Hoping for 11-11-11. But, that could change with ultrasound.

    They have decided not to find out the sex. And decided not to reveal any names they choose.

    I am so afraid that I won't see baby. I don't see them, feeling left out of wedding plans....terrified I won't see baby too. He assures me I will. Guess I am just not good at being a mother...or mother in law.

    Can't keep updated on facebook....he won't be my friend. (but is friends with mother in law)
    He says he posts pictures and such when he goes out and would be embarrased for his mom to see the stupid things he does. :(
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    It might be too early for the heartbeat..........or it might be that baby wasn't presenting well enough for them to pick up on it.....with mom's masking baby's. Nichole's first time with the heart beat had them holding their breath....because they didn't hear it. Next time it came through loud and clear. Scared her though because before this pregnancy she'd just had a miscarriage. Ultrasound has shown she's a tad further along than they thought......but honestly US can fudge too. doctor has decided to keep her due date the same.

    I've heard being mom to adult boys is harder. Males tend to gravitate toward their SO's family especially if the girl is close to her family and spends a lot of time with them. I see this with both Nichole's boyfriend and sister in law. Although the boyfriend does stop in and see his parents when he's in town.....mostly by Nichole's prodding. And easy child encourages sister in law to spend time with his mom and is careful to include (or try to) her in family things as much as possible.

    I hope the baby is ok and that it's just a tad early for the heartbeat. And I hope you get to spoil your new grandchild rotten.

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    They didnt hear Mandy's baby's heart beat the first go round either but just last week it was fine. Im sure you will get to see the baby. You may have more of the grandma experience I have with Jamie's kids than I have had with but that may be more of a blessing really. Keyana is fixing to move to MO for almost 2 years and it is going to break both of our hearts. It will be very hard on both of us. We might only see her for a few weeks out of the next two years and I am just about ready to lose my mind over it. I feel like someone is ripping my own child out of my arms. I just dont have that strong of a bond with Jamie's kids because they arent in my house almost every week. I almost wish Keyana hadnt been now. It would be easier.