easy child's cutting roommate is gone

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  1. TerryJ2

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    Finally got kicked out.

    Things had spiraled out of control to the point where easy child and her roommates were sleeping in other dorm rooms. easy child missed a full day of classes Tue because she was up half the night with-this girl. (Actually, easy child went to bed at midnight and slept until 2:15--14 hrs--because she was so stressed out.)

    I finally wrote an email to 4 administrators and told them I would not pay her dorm costs and that this has been going on since Day 1.

    They responded immediately. (Funny, how money talks!) But also, with the specifics I laid out in writing about this girl's behavior-- being dragged home drunk and Od'd at a party where easy child dragged her home; cutting numerous times and locking out roommates and suitemates from the bathroom; ODing on antidepressants and roommates calling 911 on at least 2 occasions; scenes all the time (except when the paramedics show up and the Xanax has kicked in, and then she's cool as a cucumber and it's PCs fault for blowing things out of proportion, even though an hr earlier this girl's eyes were rolling back into her head) and the admin didn't want a paper trail for another potential VA Tech incident.

    Poor girl really needs help. She is 21 and got kicked out when she was 18 for the same thing. She needs much more intensive therapy. The admin who emailed me with-the response said she has to produce 3 documents from 3 sep doctors saying she is stable, b4 she can return to school.

    By that time, easy child will have gotten some sleep.

    She's leaving for a mission trip to an orphanage in Honduras next wk. She's going to do art therapy and do a school project with-it (in addition to the Christian part of the trip.) Their horrid abuses will seem like a treat compared to dorm life. Or not.

    Gosh, she's a glutton for punishment.:faint:
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    Wow. Amazing that YOU had to get involved and no one else ever noticed or reported! I hope the girl gets some help, and I hope easy child's life can settle down so she can focus on school... and sleep!
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    Thank you.
    The students had reported it numerous times but the RA (Resident A** LOL!) did nothing about it. The last time, they went to the next floor up to find an RA who would take action. They did, and it wasn't pretty. They stormed into the girl's room and said, "Are you going to cut yourself tonight? No? Okay." And they left. She threw a fit, yelled and screamed for hrs. (Can you blame her? Reminds me of Wee's story!!!)
    By the time I emailed admin, they had actually heard about it. I have no idea if they would have taken action or not if I hadn't done something; all I know is that they said they were aware of the situation.
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    Oh, by the way, the other night I was talking to easy child on the ph. She was alarmed because the cutter had disappeared, and a note appeared on her page (don't know if it was Facebook or the school page). It read:
    If I ever leave this world alive
    the madness that you feel
    will soon subside.

    I told her it sounded like song lyrics. Immediately, we both began Googling. Sure enough, they're lyrics for a song by an Irish group (Screaming Mollys or something).
    If anyone else had posted the lyrics, I woudn't have given it a second thought. But since this girl typed them, it was yet another cry for help.
    I reassured easy child, "Don't worry, she's an English major, not a ballistics expert."
    Then I said, "Wait a minute, Cho was an English major!!!"
    Anyway, she's gone home now. Sigh.
  5. Shari

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    I hope the girl gets some help. I do feel for her.

    In the meantime, hope easy child can get back to her studies.