easy child's doctor app't in NY

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by rejectedmom, Nov 1, 2011.

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    Well I drove up to NYC on sunday. easy child got a migraine on the way up Her medications helped but a noisy room heater and the dr's office gave her another one on monday. We got no answers just a couple of different medication possibilities. He said it is a trial and error thing and that the medications only help with the symptoms there is no proof they help heal the brain. He said she could be like this for another year or more. easy child is devastated. Her head was still hurting when we got home five hours later. I haven't talked to her today but I hope she went to bed as soon as I left her off. It is what she needed but probably not cause the kids were all reved up about Trick or treating and her Sister in law drove up "to help" just as I left. sigh. -RM
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    Sigh...Im sorry. Yes, I dont think much heals the brain. What medications did they offer her, do you remember? Ohhh....wait...I dont know about healing the brain but my psychiatric doctor told me about a medical food that is now out to help the brain. We talked about me taking it because of my worry about the possibility of alzheimers in the family. It isnt covered by insurance or at least not medicare, but it was only about 50 a month. I wonder if it would help your daughter.
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    Thnks you Janet do you remember what it was called? -RM
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    I honestly dont but I will attempt to find it out.
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    I don't recall what the headaches were from. Recently SO was in a really bad auto accident and had really bad headaches - our lawyer sent him to an acturepuncturist who put some needles in the bottom of his foot and no more headaches. Don't know if it is a long term cure, but its been a couple of weeks. Just throwing out there as an idea

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    I'm so sorry. She has been through so much.:consoling:
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    Ditto Marcie...
    When it comes to "quality of life" stuff, often alternative medicine works where acute-care medicine does not.
    Careful with this stuff... always follow the rule of "first do no harm" - herbs aren't necessarily any safer than medicine.
    But... reflexology and accupressure and accupuncture - I'm sure there's more to add to that list - are things where all you put at risk is a little bit of money. It works... or it doesn't. If there's no side-effects or down-sides... worth a try.

    (accupressure helped a friend of ours with a severe concussion...)
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    thank you Janet! I will look into it.

    Marcie and Insane, She is doing aucupuncture. She has been for about 6 months now. She had a closed head Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in December that has cause long lasting pain, sensory and cognitive issues.

    Liahona, yes she has. It is so hard on her and those who love her.