easy child's first accident

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  1. TerryJ2

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    easy child got into an accident on Friday the 13th. And didn't even tell me!

    I got a call from a diff ins company today (I had ignored the calls twice because I thought they were sales) and the guy asked if easy child lived here, and if we had a yellow VW, and if she was in an accident on Friday the 13th on W Blvd.
    I chortled and said, "Yesss... "
    He said, "Are you her mother?"
    "Couldn't you tell from the evil laugh?"
    He laughed.

    Turned out she had pulled into an intersection in a neighborhood that has notoriously narrow streets, onto a main thoroughfare. She pulled out too far and a truck was coming so she ... backed up.


    Not only that, but she backed up into a 2009 Toyota Sienna. I had one, so I know how much the bumpers are. (Why not pick a Mercedes next time, honey?)

    The owners are snots. There's no damage but they're going to claim there is. :(

    I saw her today ... I had to buy a frame for one of her art pcs at Ben Franklin. She was in a horrid, sad mood and I teasingly asked her, "Does it have anything to do with-the accident you were in? That you didn't tell me about?"

    "Oh, didn't Daddy tell you?"

    Kids. Bah.

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  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Gee, I guess it slipped dad's mind just like it slipped hers! :rofl:

    Glad no one was hurt and the damage wasn't bad. Too bad about the difficult owners.

    I backed into someone in a parking lot about five years ago. Damage wasn't too bad and I offered to pay out of pocket to get it fixed but the guy insisted on filing a claim with my insurance. So my rates went up for seven years. Hopefully karma will catch up with him one day.
  3. Jena

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    i'm glad she's ok, i saw your title of the thread and thought oh no.

    yea amazing he forgot she forgot, love love pcs'.......... dont' we?? LOL
  4. TerryJ2

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    Yup. Especially husband, when he says he told me and there's no way, when I was sick, and he calmly said (supposedly), in passing, easy child backed into someone. Huh?

    But I am so glad no one was hurt.