easy child's friend got probation

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  1. flutterbee

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    easy child's friend was busted by the police. He had to go to court and was sentenced to 90 days probation and 30 hours community service.

    His crime? While in a field far away from any homes, he was launching potatoes with a potato cannon that his teacher helped him design and build. The police report in the paper listed all items confiscated, including (and I quote) a "tater wrench".


    They tried to claim he was in possession of a missile launcher until easy child's friend pointed out that potatoes are NOT self-propelled and therefore cannot be classified as missiles. They changed it to projectile.

  2. totoro

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    Um I'm sorry but come on... I mean Potatoes??? We used to do that into the lake... lots of people still do it here into the lake!!!

    I know a potato can hurt, but. His punishment sounds kind of serious!??!?

    What the heck is a potato wrench???
  3. Big Bad Kitty

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    Totoro, isn't that Idaho's state sport?

  4. WhymeMom?

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    Who knew potatoes were weapons???? So much for science projects....and who in heaven's name reported him?
  5. susiestar

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    There is a boobk out aimed for young men in their batchelor pads. It is called "Pimp it yourslef". It is a RIOT and we got one for aour husband for Xmas.

    You can even build a vibration couch and a lot of other funny stuff.
  6. Big Bad Kitty

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    LOL Susie, I've heard of pimp your ride, but pimp your couch?

  7. flutterbee

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    Susie - easy child's friend would love that book. He's one of those that takes things apart to see how they work then puts it back together with enhancements. He's the one we call whenever we have any electronics problems that easy child can't figure out.

    T - I have no idea what a 'tater wrench' is. However, when the police were confiscating the items that asked what each item was and that's how it was listed in the report and in the paper. I found it to be hilarious.

    Pimp your couch! Too funny. It's such a guy thing. From the time easy child was 8 months old, everything he played with had an 'engine' on it. Vrooom.....Vrooom. He was raised with women...didn't get it from us.

    I don't know who turned him in, but I am annoyed at the sentence. We had a neighbor shooting a shotgun off his porch on New Years Eve a few years ago...not once or twice, but about 20 shots from 11:30 to midnight. The police did nothing. They asked him for his gun and the guy said No and they said OK. Even though when the police ask you for your gun, by law you have to give it to them. The guy told the police he had company who was shooting the gun and the company left. He had noone over. He claimed the shots had been fired into the ground, but they were really shooting into the air. I was the only witness...several people called the police about the gunshots, but I was the only one that saw who was doing it...and the police never talked to me. difficult child was petrified and in full blown panic. The houses in the neighborhood are about 20 feet apart and he was across the street and up one house from us. Yet, some kid has a potato cannon and they try to call it a missile launcher.
  8. Sheila

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    Glad it turned out so well, but what unnecessary aggravation for this kid and his family! Just too many people with-authority that have no common sense!