easy child's gym trainer - I don't think he's very smart

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    He has easy child eating only 1400 calories a day. Her body fat percentage is only 16% and she only weights 115 lbs. Granted she doesn't exercise all that much but my God, 1400 calories seems awfully low.

    She is an admitted sugar addict and it would seem to me more important for her trainer to help her create a healthy eating plan, with whole grains, fruits and vegetables to substitute her current 'out-of-control' sugar intake.

    easy child has a little teeny tiny belly pouch and it's directly related to her sugar intake. She has no fat anywhere else. Everything I've read relates belly fat to sugar intake. Add to that her lack of exercise, and voila, there you go.

    I would think that she'd only be required to cut her excess sugar consumption and exercise regularly in order to be healthier, have more energy and lose that little belly thing.

    She won't listen to a word I say, not that I've even said all that much. I did make a face when she told me the diet plan he gave her - all packaged power bars, etc. Nothing about healthful eating and whole foods, etc.

    We eat healthful foods in our home and there is always a great variety of good fresh whole foods. She chooses pre-packaged junk, and now she will run out and waste all of her money on prepackaged power bars and power drinks. Ugh. I just don't get it. The trainer is a guy who is only a couple years older than easy child and is not a nutritionist, etc., so where does he get off telling people how to eat? I'm pretty sure he's just a wanna-be body trainer who reads too many Fitness mags for men. The same techniques do not apply to pint sized women.

    What can I do? What would you do? Nothing? I already knew that-:tongue:.
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    I agree with you, but what can you do? It doesn't sound like many calories for someone who doesn't really need to lose any weight.

    At my gym, I'm pretty sure the trainers make money off from selling those bars and drinks.
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    Being a lifelong overweight person now diagnosis'd type 2 diabetic, I've read up on a lot of diets, nutrition, been on lots of diets, now belong to T.O.P.S, been to seminars given by nutritionists etc. etc. etc. So this is just from a layperson who's not a nutritionist, BUT I've never heard of any HEALTHY diet that recommends less than 1200 calories, and most recommend 1500 calories, and that's if you want to LOSE weight. The average not overweight woman, with mild-medium exercise habits, should eat in the 1800-2000 range. If she's exercising at a gym frequently she could be eating more. At 115 pounds and you mentioned pint-sized, that is a perfectly normal weight for a small woman. She'd have to be under 5' tall for that to even BEGIN to be slightly overweight. Over 5'4" or so she's starting to be underweight. Those power bars/drinks etc., I believe from what I've read in husband's bodybuilding books/mags, are meant to be in addition to proper diet to help grow muscles etc. They're not meant to be a main component of your diet.

    Just my opinion, but I think you're right. That trainer is an idiot. Don't know what you can do to convince her, probably not much as you said. Maybe give her books on proper nutrition? She may pick it up and read it and figure it out for herself.
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    You're right - You already know there is nothing you can do about this. However, being her mother, it is impossible not to worry about what she is doing to her body.

    Hopefully, in time she'll realize that this isn't the right way to take care of herself. For now, all you can do is what you're already doing - keep your house stocked with healthy food choices and set a good example for her.

    Even though there isn't any direct way you can get her to take better care of herself physically, 'Chelle has a good idea. Maybe you could leave some books lying around the house where you know easy child will see them. easy child knows you believe in living a healthy lifestyle, so this wouldn't seem out of the ordinary. Just maybe, when you're not around, she might read some of them...

    in my humble opinion, I think she'll ditch this approach before too long. After all, she isn't going to want to live on prepackaged power bars and drinks forever! WFEN
  5. 1905

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    What an idiot!!! Take her to a Dr., and let her see for herself the conflicting advice! Or take her to a nutritionist, what she needs is to learn how to put together some healthy meals, to cook, a whole lifestyle change to keep herself looking slim, and feeling good forever. She won't be able to eat power bars for long, her friends will go out, and she'll want to eat with them- she should learn to be making healthy choices, she won't want to say no, I'll just eat my power bar!- Also, it's not realistic to expect her to only eat 1400 calories, that's setting her up for failure, especially if she's working out-she'll get too hungry. Tell her that her body will need more than that, and let her know this, so she won't feel guilty when she does need to eat more. I'm 100 pounds, I work out and eat way over 2000 calories a day! But I'm hungry for that amount! And I'm not getting fatter. I just want to be healothy and look good, the same as everyone.-Alyssa
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    To someone besides a doctor determining your caloric intake is scary. I think I would be tempted to call the management at the gym and ask, "What medical backgrounds do your trainers have to recommend the daily caloric intake of a person? Are you not setting yourselves up for a law suit by giving enforcing this type of medical advice without consulting a doctor?"

    My next guess is that forms she signed probably did state, "Do not change your diet or exercise plans without consulting a doctor." That will put the gym off the hook, "We didn't MAKE you do this! You agreed that it is your responsibility to know if this will or will not help."

    How soon is her annual physical due? She needs to let her doctor know about this new diet and exercise plan.
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    Well, I personally think it's an individual thing.

    When I was 241 lbs I started at 1800 calories per day. I didn't even drop 20 lbs and was down to 1500 calories per day because I couldn't consume 1800. I wasn't that hungry.

    I'm 5'3" and 180 lbs and eat 1250 calories per day, plus I walk 3 miles per day (minimum) and I am OK.

    My mother, who is 60 this year, is 5'2" and 120 lbs. She has been 120 lbs. her entire LIFE on 1250 calories per day and is healthier than me and all 3 of my kids combined.

    I don't know if the calories are as big of an issue as what you're eating. Obviously, if you're eating high calorie/high sugar/high fat foods, 1400 calories doesn't look like alot. But, I'm telling ya, I eat fresh veggies with my lunch and fruits and there are alot of days I didn't hit the 1500 calorie mark just because I wasn't hungry.