easy child's teacher fighting charges

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    of molesting a student. I feel like I'm going to throw up. This was in todays paper. This girl is 13, she's an honors student. According to easy child, a nice girl, not that any girl deserves this to happen. This guy is also the flag football coach, both boys and girls are on the team AND the girls soccer coach. The guy is at work today, and Conner said he says things that "aren't right" to girls. My girlfriend told me there were other incedents other years when her daughter had him. There weren't any charges filed. Today he went to work and taught. I can't believe he's there while they "investigate" or whatever they are doing.

    When difficult child was a senior in HS, there was a cop stationed in the lobby of the school. As my difficult child was always in trouble, this cop gave my difficult child some stern talkings to about his decisions, and his future....great, he needed that, but...the guy was arrested for having an affair(molesting!) with a student there. He's the one who's decisions cost him his future, but to be lecturing kids when you are doing something way worse.....to say it negates anything you say is an understatement.-Alyssa
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    I just don't understand why someone who is being investigated for something like that is still there. If it proves unfounded, fine, they come back with a public acknowledgement that he/she is innocent. If it were me I would think that I would understand the need to not have me around the kids while the investigation is ongoing. Heck, I used to work in a bank and two employees were both suspended pending an investigation when money came up missing. One was innocent and the other wasn't but they suspended both until they figured out what was going on. If that is done when money is involved, why not when the safety of our kids is involved? :nonono:
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    I have no idea why. The newspaper article even said the principal refused to discuss this with her PARENTS!!!I did call the school and ask if he was there, and if they had any prepared thing they say to parents, as I said, I'm sure I'm not the only one calling. They told me they didn't, but he was there working and Conner said he acted normal-Alyssa

    I don't know if anyone can get The Press of Atlantic City page 3 region section, it's there.
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    I don't understand how he can still be AT school.

    Two towns close to us just past ordinances banning any person with a sex crime the right to live within a mile of a park or school. This pretty much means - if you're a sex offender - you aren't living in our towns.

    So to think that this man is still around children - if in fact he did commit the crimes he's accused of is just beyond belief.

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    We had a case at our local school. It turned out to be a false accusation, but the teacher concerned was arrested at the school (fortunately not handcuffed) and made to stand down. The Dept of Ed gave him a temporary transfer to a non-teaching administrative position. I supported the guy (as best as I could). We had a support team formed of parents. it was awkward, because I also knew the kid whose mother had brought the complaint, and another kid who was 'witness'.

    In our case - the complaint had been that the teacher had smacked this boy (fifteen years ago when this happened this was actually legally OK, it turned out) and was actually living with the boy's mother at the time, and he claimed she had told him to punish the boy immediately for misbehaviour and not to wait until they got home. She only brought the case after he (the teacher) broke up with her.
    The boy who was witness - it turned out he wasn't even at the school that day, defence had records. But the parents had got their son involved because they felt the teacher had been too severe in punishing him (their son), so they felt having their son present to say, "the teacher smacked me too" (which was true) would help. No go - the judge said that as the law stood at that time, teachers were permitted to smack students. The mother/ex-girlfriend tried to make out that the smacking had been given with sexual overtones, but there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever. The judge saw it as "woman scorned" and the guy got his job back. But he didn't have the heart to go back to that school, even though he would have been well supported - instead he asked for a transfer.
    We were sad to lose him, but through the trial I had begun to realise - he had big problems. He kept getting involved with inappropriate women, generally the mothers of his students. He also would sabotage any success he had. My best friend got involved with him (her daughter was a former student of his), they seemed very happy, he and her two children got on well - then he broke it off, with no apparent reason given. He didn't even have the courage to tell her face to face, he sent her a letter.
    By this stage we were REALLY hearing alarm bells.
    However, he always seemed to have been a good teacher who cared for his students. But he was an emotional basket-case who eventually self-destructed and suicided. I do not think the court case had any bearing on things, by then - his exoneration was thorough. But he really did leave himself wide open for accusation, and he really was self-destructive.

    The problem with accusations, they can stick even when the person is exonerated. A stronger person could have made a good go of it back in the same school. And there ARE ways in which an accused teacher can be still on the payroll but kept away from kids. This is a two-way protection - it protects students in case the teacher IS a monster, and it protects the teacher from further false accusations, likely to come out of the woodwork whether the initial accusation is true or not - hysteria.

    That principal should be stood down. A principal is supposed to put the school first. he is not doing his teacher any favours and he is not doing the students any either. In my book, a principal who is only interested in covering his own rear end should be put out to pasture, or sent back into the classroom under someone with more guts.

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    I agree that the teacher should not be in class while the investigation is ongoing.

    It should be borne in mind that there is supposed to be a presumption of innocence, and a mere accusation, even though proven unfounded, can ruin a person.

    on the other hand it also happens far too often that a school will hush things up when there is a known problem and have the teacher quietly resign, and won't even give a bad reference for fear of lawsuits and publicity. The teacher then simply moves to another district and victimizes more children.

    Sounds like this teacher has a history. I'd be very curious as to where he had worked previously, if there were complaints, and how many complaints there had been previously.
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    It makes me wonder if there's not more going on here.

    It's highly unusual in this day and age for a teacher to remain in the classroom while an investigation is ongoing, especially after the news has broken to the public. There was a case recently as easy child sr.'s school and the teacher was out the door so fast it would make your head spin. Not even a strong union can protect them if the accusation seems legit.