easy child's therapist internship--hilarious!

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    easy child tells the funniest stories. I told her it is okay to tell me things in general, but since she signed the confidentiality form, there will be no names or identifying characteristics given when she talks.

    So, this 9-yr-old boy with-Asperger's comes in with-his mom. Their problem is social issues. He is very, very happy and friendly but has no boundaries and just blurts things out.
    He apparently told somebody they have a uni-brow and hurt their feelings.
    So Dr R goes through the spiel of not saying everything that is on your mind, blah blah, so, "Is it right to tell someone that they have a unibrow?"
    "No, because it could hurt their feelings."
    "But it's right. Because they do have a unibrow."

    Dr. R asks the kid if he can come up with-any other example of things he shouldn't say. He goes up to Dr. R and says, "You have lots of hairs in your nose.":rofl:

    Then he stands right next to him, stares at his ear, and squinches up his face and smooshes his lips together in a great effort not to speak.
    "Very good," Dr R says, "You did a very good job of not saying anything about the hairs in my ear."

    Then the kid looks over his shoulder at easy child, smiles sheepishly and says, "Is it okay if I tell her that she's pretty?" :flirtysmile3:

    "Yes, it's okay if you tell her that. It would be very nice, in fact."

    Lol! Poor Dr. R. All hairs and no pretty. :rofl:

    easy child also had a really bratty teenager who slouched in the chair and made faces and she did such a phenomenal job of imitating him, I told her that if she changes her mind and doesn't want to be a therapist, she can be an actress.:queen:
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    A sense of humor is a must when working with difficult children!
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    She is going to be great! That is all soooo funny.