easy child's wedding (long)


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Thankfully, this pair are well read and well advised. sister in law's uncle travels in Asia a great deal and they had long talks with him about where to go and what to do. easy child keeps mentioning this uncle's advice in their emails, and how his advice to go here, to eat there, to check this out, to avoid that - she said it hasn't steered them wrong yet.

Luckily neither chews gum. And sister in law has VERY short hair (check out the photos in husband's thread). I'll warn them about gemstones. I didn't know that one. They're mostly chasing food experiences... then they'll try to reproduce them once they're back home in Australia.



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Marg & Margs Man -

WElllllllllllllll FINALLY I get to see what two honest-to-goodness Aussie folks look like. I mean okay there's a lot of movie stars - but I can't chit chat with them.

The bride was stunning! I think by the pictures you sent she looks very much like her Mum. But what a handsome man in a kilt standing next to you Marg. You look like a professor Margs Man. Nice to finally put faces with conversations.

I see why you would have been a bit wobbly walking on the jetty in those heels girl. WOW - sexy shoes. I'd say sexy knees too -in that kilt - but I wasn't looking - I could go back and look. lol

Your family is just as lovely as you've described them all these years in my mind. I think one of your relatives looks a little like Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter. Is that the one that jumped off the boat into the water?

Okay so here's my questions - What type of dancers were the girls in blue? Scottish? Is there a high Scottish population in Australia or is that your heritage or is it Aussie /Scott and is that widely popular there or is it just your family????

WHY would your nephew jump into the water where it is KNOWN that Bullsharks exist? UGH - BRAVE boy - glad there were no hungry whites, tigers or bulls that day!

Now the place where this was is lovely - where did they go for honeymoon?


Who did that adorable cake? OMG I loved all the red she incorporated into her wedding - right down to the little hearts on the cake.

Who leads in a wedding dance when both the bride and father of the bride are wearing a dress. No no no - don't answer -I know it's a kilt. (I just kilt that joke) bwa ha ah......

Thanks for sharing - YOU BOTH HAVE SUCH A LOVELY FAMILY!!!!! I appreciate the pictures very much.


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My my Star, you're full of questions...

I think one of your relatives looks a little like Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter.

THat is actually difficult child 3, who really DOES look like Harry Potter. He turns heads wherever we go because of it. His current glasses are deliberately chosen to be a square frame because his last ones, being rounder, REALLY turned heads! But he IS cute!

No, the nephew who srtripped to his jocks and jumped in is older (about 30), blonde with square jaw (a lot like Brad Pitt but with an Elle McPherson grin). And BUILT! The sharks - no Great Whites come into the lake, they don't like it. But yes to Bull Sharks, Hammerheads too. Most likely would be Bronze Whalers. But I don't think he would have been in danger where we were - the water was too open there and the fishing was too good, a little too far away (about 100 metres). So no chance of a shark mistaking him for food. It turned out the water was only waist deep there too, I was surprised how shallow it was there. He would only have been in the water for a couple of minutes. He only jumped in when all other attempts to shift us, failed. I thought he was being a bit phobic, mentioning his fear that sharks might be around the way he did. It was only later I realsed that there ARE sharks in the area, they're a lot more active and hungry at the moment, and being so close to the mouth of the lake as well, pushed the risk up a bit. But maybe it's just all the recent attacks in previous months that has him spooked.

Shoes - not bad, are they? They're the ones I got after trying on an identical pair belonging to "Imelda", the mother of one of difficult child 3's drama classmates. They are surprisingly comfortable but still not suitable for walking around in, on grass. The problem with the jetty wasn't the wobble, it was the spaces between the timber boards, just wide enough to trap a heel... when I wear high heels I have to adjust my crutches for the extra height.

Imelda gave me another few pairs of fabulous shoes, I wore one of those pairs as my substitute shoes later on in the evening, before kicking off my shoes entirely.

The sexy Scottish knees - actually, the men's kilts come just below the knee although when they dance the kilts swirl up a bit and you can see a bit more. However, the kilt is too well-designed for them to fly up TOO far!

The dancers' kilts - they are made with about twice as much fabric as the dress kilts. The dancers are easy child's cousins from Perth, the older one barely out of her teens and already one of the most highly qualified Highland Dance teachers in Australia. The family heritage is Aussie/Scot, hence the involvement of the tartan.

As for who leads in the wedding dance - the bridal couple do! And all that red - easy child had always said she wanted to get married in red, but sister in law wanted her to wear white. So the red everywhere else was her compromise. sister in law in his speech told how he proposed at 8.08 pm on 8/8/08. When he got home 45 minutes later, he said, he was presented with the "wedding folder", with all the plans, swatches, draft speeches, guest list etc. A bit of an exaggeration perhaps, but only a bit.

easy child & sister in law went to Asia for their honeymoon. They flew to Bangkok and backpacked from there, catching trains mostly, through Thailand, Malaysia and finally to Singapore, arriving there today. They leave there on Saturday on the red-eye flight back to Sydney. Not sure how long they're staying with us, maybe overnight (to catch up on sleep). But knowing them - they'll be cracking their necks to get back home.

Glad you enjoyed the pics. I'll have to post more. Certainly by the next wedding. Number three - I feel like an old hand already. easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 were visiting today so she could work on the first of the bridesmaids' dresses.