easy halloween treat (great for sending to school!)

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    Melt a package of chocolate chips. Once melted, add a tub of chocolate frosting and mix until blended. Pour into a foil lined square pan (butter the foil) and with a spoon or knife, spread as even as possible into corners etc. Take candy corn and spread across the top, pressing slightly on the candies until they are slightly set into the mixture. Refrigerate for a few hours (quicker if you throw into freezer). When very cold and firm, tip upside down to remove fudge, remove foil and cut into squares.

    You can make these any way you like. You can use white or chocolate frosting. White, butterscotch, caramel, peanut butter chips etc. You can add extract (vanilla, almond, peppermint etc). You can put whatever candy you want on top. Super easy, super yummy. easy child loves to make this.

    At Christmas we add peppermint extract and crushed candy canes as topping> Valentines day we use cinnamon hearts etc.