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    hi everyone!
    Now I am thoroughly frustrated with 'trying' to get help for my son, again.
    This has been just awful. I am disabled and what that does mean is that normal activities that many take for granted, I can not do. It also means that when I do ask for help the only thing that is of guenuine interest to the professional is that payment capacity.
    It is so humiliating. What is in it for an advocate or attorney? The only matter that motivates the industry is the income potential. Our children are merely vessels linking the lawyer to the payout point.
    Could the guy win the case? He would have to spend valuable time listening and review the fact pieces. When the matter is not blatantly winable (and how many parents anti-up to tip the scales?)
    Oh well. Who cares? One more kid who is neglected in plain sight. Ho hum. Next.