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    This website has inspired me. I am a freelance writer and am pitching an article to Chatelaine - an 800 word, day in the life of... parents of ODD kids and a 400 word sidebar that answers the question "Does my child have ODD?" I think the courage, the commitment and the spirit of the families and the children dealing with this issue needs to be given a voice.

    In my experience, the challenges often weighted the situations and many people didn't see that my daughter was creative, insightful, funny, loving and an amazing artist. My heart ached for her while I watched her struggle with having no friends and I wished that others could see her as I did.

    If you feel comfortable please answer the following questions as best you can and provide me with some contact info in case I need to call you with extra questions.

    1. Can you describe a day in the life with your ODD child?

    2. What are your challenges, successes?

    3. When was (if) your child diagnoses as ODD?

    4.By whom, and how did they describe it to you?

    5. How did you feel about it at the time?

    I feel like some national exposure could make everyone's life easier. Our kids, our families are champions! lol

    thank you in advance