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    If you sent a letter to sd director of Special Education asking for a specialist to do an fba, review previous evaluations from private psychiatrist and neuro psychiatric testing, help with iep and help educating teachers/staff about mood disorders- would you find it acceptable for case manager at school to respond by saying he'd get regular ed spec. to come in and do fba and bip? This would be the ed spec that typically does school evaluations of all sorts. I had asked for a third party specialist who can help with difficult child's specific issues.

    I would have posted on Special Education forum, but I'm impatient tonight- I was out of town today and need to respond to them tomorrow.
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    A memo from VA DOE re: *training* of staff to do FBAs and develop "positive Behavior Intervention Plans" - you can most certainly request that the FBA be done by someone who has done training as offered by DOE (doesn't mean you'll get it right off but it certainly will boost your case if you have to request IEE).

    So glad VA uses terminology of "positive BIP". If you google positive behavioral interventions, you'll get a slew of suggestions and resources.

    Good luck - keep us updated!!!
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    Thanks, Sue! I tried the link but couldn't get it to work (I'm having major computer problems right now). Anyway, I think I should p[ush a little harder for a specialist- one who understands that there is more to this than just behavior. Not to mention, how the medications effect him due to side effects.