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    easy child's girlfriend went to the dermatologist yesterday due to the rash she broke out in. SCABIES.

    I am not gifted in the online search stuff. I couldn't find info about what I wanted.

    How did he get it?
    Is it in our house? He doesn't live here but comes over.
    difficult child said he was lying in his bed.

    Will his roomates get it?

    I offered to buy a plastic zip up mattress cover but he said that would be to noisy... Told him to bring all his clothes and bedding over, he did not. HOpefully he went to a laundry mat.

    Why does the internet say elderly and those with weakened immune systems get it.

    He had shingles a few years does he keep getting these things?

    How long do they live. Can it live on hard surfaces like the keyboard?
    What about the carpet?

    This is just gross....just gross. EEEWWW
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    Preventing reinfestation

    All family and close contacts should be treated at the same time, even if asymptomatic. Cleaning of environment should occur simultaneously, as there is a risk of reinfection. Therefore it is recommended to wash and hot iron all material (such as clothes, bedding, and towels) that has been in contact with scabies infestation.
    Cleaning the environment should include:

    • Vacuuming floors, carpets, and rugs.
    • Disinfecting floor and bathroom surfaces by mopping.
    • Cleaning the shower/bath tub after each use.
    • Daily washing of recently worn clothes, towels and bedding in hot water, drying in a hot dryer and steam ironing.
    • Consistently rubbing antibacterial lotion on infected areas.
    • Trying to keep infested areas covered by clothing or band aids.
    • Avoid contact with anus or genital areas, if infected, permanent damage may be caused