EEG and EKG Tests

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Oh, the fun of trying to keep a child up for the sleep deprived EEG. *shudders*

I thought I'd strangle Travis long before we ever got him to the neuro the next morning.

But the worst part was keeping him awake once he was in the car! Good thing both husband and I went to the appoint. That let husband drive and me sit with Travis in the back seat and keep waking him up.

Hmmmmm. It's been awhile, but we helped Travis stay awake with movies and video games..... and ALOT of prodding and saying "Wake UP!". :slap:

Did psychiatrist say why he's doing the EKG??

Good luck!! :coffee:


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I know for sure that EEGs will tell if your son is having seizures. It looks at the brain waves. I had childhood epilepsy so I had them all of the time. I dont really know if it shows anything else because I only have experience with the seizures for an EEG.
What is an EKG for? All of these gets so confusing!


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Our daughter's psychiatrist is recommending EEG testing along with her MRI (which she just had yesterday - no results yet). He admits that it probably won't show anything as she has been on anti-seizure type medications (Lamictal) for months. But at least they have some sort of a baseline to try to determine if there is a physical cause for her mood swings and suicidal issues.

Has anyone had positive results from an MRI or EEG that related to the psychiatric issues? If so, what happens next?


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It certainly is possible for medical issues to cause changes in behavior. I hope you get some answers soon!

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There are an incredibile number of drugs, many used to treat behavioral disorders, which should not be given to people with Long QT Syndrome. Knowing this is very important and you should insist that any medications your child might be given should be checked for Long QT Syndrome warnings or cautions.

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I know for sure that EEGs will tell if your son is having seizures.
It is estimated that only 50% of temporal lobe epilepsy shows up on EEGs, Mine showed up only as "slightly abnormal, but not the skiking we like to see when we diagnose epilepsy" yet there I was having grand mal (tonic clonic) seizures. I have a friend who has had temporal lobe epilepsy for 50 years and never had a positive EEG. Keep in mind that the temporal lobe controls, among other things, emotions. Seizures in the temporal lobe can involve emotional outburst.