Eeyone & possible psychiatric hospital

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Jun 20, 2011.

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    I'm thinking of having Eeyore admitted to the psychiatric hospital. He is having daily anger outburst, many holes in the walls in his room. Today he threatened to kill us. All of which point to a psychiatric hospital stay.

    Against a psychiatric hospital stay is that he does show remorse (he cried after the threats and said he felt guilty for saying them), is talking about his frustration with his life, and we only have access to the state-funded phosps will put him in contact with a bunch of street-kids. Knowing him and knowing the population he'd be with, I think he'd come out worse than when he went in.

    We've elimintaed all electronic contact with friends (no phone or internet). He still sees friends at school and can still see them at various events. I think the struggle to follow the ever changing social landscape of teenage-hood was too much for him.

    I hope that making his world smaller will help him calm down. No therapist or psychiatrist for 3 weeks due to their vacations.
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    I really feel for you both. I went through a similar bout with difficult child toward the end of the school year (we've been out a month now). The stress was just WAY too much for him to handle, mush less handle it appropriately. Hope your strategy helps and that things calm down for him. By the end of a "normal" school year, all kids need some down time.

    {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}} to you both.
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    I really hope he doesn't need the psychiatric hospital. Hopefully the summer will bring less stress. It really is tough, and each year it seems to get tougher for them.
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    husband and I both went into his room and talked to him. husband just seems to hit all the right notes with Eeyore. By the end of the conversation, Eeyore was giggling and telling us to stop making him laugh cause he was trying to be grumpy. Then I went over his "expectation chart" and pointed out that even with his poor attitude that he met all of his expectations except two -- take out the garbage and behavior-respect toward family. So he took out the garbage :)

    He is now hanging out with us (coursse, only our bedroom has air conditioning lol)
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    awww. Sounds like our family meeting yesterday. Manster hates when I try to make him laugh when he wants to be mad lol. Hoping for some better days.
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    Are there any local outpatient/partial stay options? I usually find that shrinking Duckie's world for a time helps her when she's struggling.
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    Do you think a medication tweak would help? Surely there is someone on call for the psychiatrist so you could get a tweak pushed though.

    I am glad that he is responding afterward. It is hard to be a teen.
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    No such thing as an on-call psychiatrist for us. The direction is go to ER for an admit (cause the ER docs won't tweak medications either). When Eeyore started lactating on Risperdal, his psychiatrist was in Asia so we ended up going to our pediatrician and even she couldn't get a return call from the youth mental health clinic. Our pediatrician was LIVID that even a doctor couldn't get a return call.

    husband drove Eeyore to school this morning and he said he was doing a little better but husband had to insist he take a shower.
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    Just letting y'all know that we seem to have weathered the storm, he was much more relaxed today, did his studying and chores without a single reminder and even did a little extra studying "cause we have a quiz tomorrow". I think he was far more stressed about my meeting with his teacher than I knew. He was very relieved that I didn't scare her (It seems he thinks that all of his teachers are scared of me and that is why he has an IEP :rofl: )