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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Eeyore was able to pull it together enough to study somewhat for his finals. While the grades haven't "locked" in the system yet, it appears that all of his teachers have posted their finals, thanks to a 0.6% 'bonus credit' from his Algebra teacher,

    Eeyore's semester GPA is


    After congratulating him on meeting the expectation of a 2.5 or higher (to keep his allowance), I pointed out that he has 13 missing or incomplete homework assignments plus over half of his teachers stated that he didn't complete optional study guides and did not seem prepared for tests and his regular ed teachers said that he did not use the IEP accomodations for testing offered to him.

    Now, imagine all of the homework done, study guides completed and studied and actually use the accomdations that are offered.....didn't he think he could get a 3.0. His, I really screwed it up this semester, I should be able to get a 3.0 easy next semester. :) Yep, especially as his worst class was a semester class and IS DONE!!!
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    Way To Go!! It sounds like he might really be motivated to do even better next semester so this is all good!
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    And his reaction was absolutely wonderful. Gotta love them!
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    Go Eeyore!! good for him--i like the lighbulb moment even more than the grades ;-)
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    I'm with Confuzzled. Those lightbulb moments are the ones to hold on to. WAY TO GO EEYORE!!!!!
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    I hope you're both bustin' your buttons. Great news! DDD
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    Horray for Eeyore!
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    Good job!

    Hope he does an even better job next quarter!!!
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    Wonderful news. Congratulations Eeyore, for getting the marks, but also for realizing his potential for next term.
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    Eeyore corrected me... it is 2.71 (gotta get credit for every last 100th of a point!) :rofl:
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    Yep...don't EVER deny a difficult child anything they have actually EARNED. LOL I can so see difficult child 1 pointing that out to me as well.
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    That's awesome. I relate to Eeyore, in some part because my PC15's actual family nickname as a toddler and pre-schooler was Eeyore because his favorite expression was "I will never be happy again, ever ever ever!" His current nickname is Harpo because of his coiffure.

    In any event, I am thrilled by his success but doesn't it just tear you up when they lose so many points because of HW that isn't done or handed in?
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    Depends on the trend...
    Last year, difficult child turned in maybe 55% of the work. This year, its more like 75% of the work...