Eeyore: Here's your sign...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Eeyore is not the sharpest tool in the shed. His IQ is normal but his autism interferes so much with his functioning. He was caught trying to watch R rated sexy movies on Netflix. husband explained to him that it was easy to catch him because of the online 'recently watched' record. He tried again, got caught AGAIN, and seemed shocked that we were able to catch him.

    I'm in my room with Tigger, resting and trying to keep him calm (a whole other post). Eeyore got on my computer, went on Facebook, and sent friend requests to a bunch of kids.

    Three problems
    1. When I came downstairs to check on him, the screen saver wasn't on so I could tell he had been on the computer.
    2. He has no idea that the computer has an Internet History folder so I was able to check everything he did (luckily, just facebook).

    and the highlight....

    He didn't log off of my account so I have just 'friend requested' a bunch of junior high kids! :rofl:

    I've cancelled the requests of as many of them that I could find but I'm guessing I will either have some new 'friends' after this weekend or some concerned phone calls from parents.

    Here's your sign: :grounch_day:
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    JJJ, my difficult child has done the same thing .... He actually posted on my facebook before.... it was last year during a snow storm and he posted something about the weather that made absolutely no sense and some friends replied back with question marks ... he hasn't tried the sexy movie thing yet but he is only 10 and isn't close to puberity yet ... as it stands he thinks girls are gross... But, being that he is a difficult child and he has lied, he has stolen, and he is sneaky as can be I usually ALWAYS catch him when he does something inappropriate because I am right on top of it .... I am sure as he gets older it will become harder to catch him because as I said he is one sneaky little dude ! Let me know if your friend list includes Eeyore's entire junior class ....
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    hee hee!

    difficult child's just don't understand sometimes that Mom is always one step ahead. Let us know what happened at homecoming!
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    I could swear you were talking about Jett...

    Onyxx is sneaky. Jett's just transparent. Doesn't get that lying about really obvious things is not so smart... Trying to sneak things doesn't work when you're caught red-handed...

    Hugs to you, and kudos for handling it with humor!
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    LOL! Wiz was often really obvious when he tried to sneak something. He would try to 'sneak' and assumed that since he knew it was 'sneaked' or 'hidden' that WE knew it was 'hidden' and thus we couldn't find it. The shock on his face sometimes was often downright hilarious. We didn't have the porn problem, other than one pornado but it was on a computer husband was trying to clean up - his stepmom's granddau had used it for a semester at college with-o a firewall or virus program of any kind. So getting the pornado was inevitable no matter what Wiz did on it. He turned the monitor off when he couldn't get away from the pornado, so he was again shocked that we "found" it - all we did was turn the monitor back on, lol!

    kudos for always being on top of him!!
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    Too funny. I know, it's not polite to laugh! My difficult child 1 has pulled similar bone-head stunts, and he's older. I think his anxiety or whatever it is that's making him tick was the factor clouding his brain the most. I mean, what 16yo steals his mom's credit card to charge 1-800-HOT-BABE calls and doesn't think he'll get caught? :hammer: This part of the parenting job is definitely my LEAST favorite.
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    Hey! I have a bunch of junior high kids as facebook friends! lol Maybe we're just too open around here.

    Cgfg pulled a similar stunt. Her mom won't let her have a facebook account, so she'll get on ours here if someone leaves it logged in. She got on easy child 1's facebook and sent "I think you're sexy" notes to some guys she likes.

    So, my 22 year old son was flirting with and hitting on boys betweeen the ages of 13 and 19. Yay!
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