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    Eeyore is complaining that some of the boys in his classes have pretty significant behavior issues. Now, "significant behavior issues" can mean anything from 'they talk too loud' to 'they set the room on fire' to Eeyore so I asked him to get specific. At first, it just sounded like these boys have little impulse control and talk out in class, use swear words and are hyper. But on Friday, one boy ran across the room and punched another for touching his pencil. The teacher was in the hallway as it was during the change of classes so she didn't see it. She sent the alleged attacker to the asst principal and the alleged victim to the nurse. The asst principal came to the room and the teacher offered Eeyore as a witness as the other boy in the room at the time refused to say anything. The worst part is that the boy was told he couldn't be suspended cause he has an IEP so he only got detentions (we have a crisis program that should have been used but I guess the school didn't want to start using this boy's 10 days yet).

    Eeyore wants OUT of his Special Education classes. Course, just 1 week into the school year I don't see the school going for that. Especially as the class he'd most need to be moved from is one he really needs to be in Special Education. I really hope these boys settle down. I told Eeyore to just keep staying away from them, doing his work and that if he is doing well after first quarter, we will ask about re-doing his 2nd semester schedule to move him up a level (academically he can handle the next level, we didn't put him there due to the 30+ kids in a room, but that may be preferable than 15 kids who are continually disruptive).

    What really worries me is that this level of Special Education is where Tigger will go in 2 years and he does NOT handle bullies very well.
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    My first big concern is that Eeyore was "offered up" as a witness. Kudos to Eeyore for speaking up, but I do hope he doesn't get blamed by the other kid and end up on the receiving end.

    Son was in a similar classroom when he started first grade. My anxiety was even more heightened because the class was called the EH (Emotionally Handicapped) class. Until son, they had no other disabilities in there for years. For us mainstreaming was a nobrainer, and not a significant problem academically for son.

    Keep supporting Eeyore, but certainly consider moving him if it's volatile daily - that can't be good for him.

    I wouldn't' worry about Tigger yet. The classroom dynamic/makeup can change drastically in two years.
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    mine is in the exact same boat as eeyore, except to add insult to injury, she's a girl. and when i say there are significant issues with some of these other kids, umm, yeah. i have know most of them and their issues for 6 years..."conveniently" they were always lumped together "for scheduling purposes" (i did not make that up, lol) mine is pretty much just a crier with a low frustration tolerance....

    and i see disaster written on the wall. school hasnt even started yet.

    i was pretty prepared to march down to casemanagement and demand a change of placement immediately and then mine had a full blown hysterical field hockey meltdown. i cant, in good conscious, throw her into the general pop even though she has the intelligence to be there--she actually probably needs a gifted program that isnt heavy on the workload....which, much to my surprise, is offered, with the syllabus actually noted that they would modify for IEP/504 students...why i was not told of this i'll never know--its evidently a secret. :|

    i dont know what to do either. my only advice is to listen to what eeyore says and document each incident so that when you DO go in at the end of the semester you can demonstrate how adverse the situation is. (also, i'd believe what he says). i'm also not planning to wait a quarter--i'm hoping to change placement for her in weeks, not months...academically it would be VERY tough to catch up if we wait too long.

    i am holding my breath and praying that mine can emotionally hold it together so i can justify the fight.

    and, by the way--dont underestimate the stress of the "talker"--one kid in ours makes noises. the adult aide had a very difficult time with it, let alone my daughter. its actually on the short list of triggers for her hospitalization. think about it...for kids with sensory issues or attention issues, that constant imput is horrific.

    i wish there was a better answer. there just isnt one.
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    JJJ, I hope that the class calms down as they settle in for the year. I would not want my child in that class if they did not. Time will tell.
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    As he's in Sp Ed to start with... would they consider a class-room aide to cut the student-teacher ratio? Here, they jump at the chance for the Sp Needs student to fund an aide to be shared with the rest of the class... the advantage of a "classroom" aide is that they are NOT there for difficult child, they are there for ALL of the kids. So the Sp Needs kid isn't singled out... but the extra eyes, ears, hands, etc. come in handy in keeping the classroom organized, on-task, etc. - all to difficult child's benefit. SOMETIMES they handle this by having a student-teacher in that class, rather than an aide.
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    JJJ-I'm sorry Eeyore is such a predicament. I can understand him wanting to be out if he is there and trying to learn. (((hugs)))
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    Just to clarify Eeyore's placement. He has Biology, Reading, English and Algebra all in classes of 100% Special Education students. These are the 'problem' classes. So there are already only 12-15 kids, a teacher and at least 1 aide. Most of these kids have been his classmates for years. I think hormones are majorally knocking some of these kids off the rails.

    Eeyore says he wants to move to the mainstreamed level (classes with roughly 10 of 30 kids with IEPs and 2 teachers in the room). But he is still fighting doing any actual studying or homework. He truly seems to think that only dumb kids should have to do homework or study and that if he studies then that proves that he is dumb. It doesn't help that he is smart so he'll likely slide through his classes with okay grades but he won't be learning what he needs to move up a level (although all of the material is presented for those kids who are trying to make the jump).

    Open house tomorrow so I'll get to hear the teachers' view on the classes.
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    (classes with roughly 10 of 30 kids with IEPs and 2 teachers in the room). But he is still fighting doing any actual studying or homework.

    jjj--just so you know--it was laid out in lavendar for us that to be in that situation you must do the work. i've told mine till i'm blue in the face that she'd have to "do the work"--lame or not, necessary or not--but it has to be done.

    big ol' stumbling block in my opinion for those that might not need to, or, more likely, not WANT to "do the work"-

    just sayin'. a consideration for modification in my opinion--not a definitive no :)