Ego vs. SOUL BY Michelen Knight


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An offshoot of the discussion that went from highly sensitive people to psychic knowing and the Universe. This is not for those who are offended by the concept of a higher power.

This type of book is how I think often as I can remember. And it has brought me peace that I had never known existed. It is all about shedding the ego for your higher self.

Honestly, I wasted years trying to force a contentious family to care about me (which caused anger, sadness and insecurity) and picking some contentious people around me, including my first husband. I seriously have no contentious peeps in my life now. If I sense disharmony, i let go. I am all about peace and harmony.

There is something very beautiful about doing kindness for others, loving animals and trees, just enjoying each day...and not being afraid that this life is the only time to get it right. If anyone is interested, I am sharing what brought me from point A to point Z. I hate nobody, thank God. I dont even dislike anyone...we are all equally special. I have purged most of the ego ugliness out of my life.

Hope posting this is not offensive to anyone.


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Yes, please do. I am getting back into thinking like that, but fear seems to be hard wired in me (the low dose Paxil is taking the edge off). I used to go to Al Anon years ago, and I remember the saying "if you can't figure things out, go up a few levels" something like that. So yes, please share!!


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If you read this book, it is what helped me and how I intrnd to think. Wayne Dyer is the same. I try to think beyond my ego and purge low level thinking such as fear, jeslousy, bitterness, anger snd fear. I now need only a token level of my anxiety medications. I am certsin our consciousness survives death of the physical body and thst we incarnate here to learn. The harder the situstion, the more we learn.

It is impossible to share everything in this tiny space. I highly recommend reading spiritual authorsluke Dyer and trying to do what he recommends.

I am sorry I did not read this early on. I do notthink I would be on medications if I had.

The only sad part is that I try hard to avoid negTive energy around me. So that leaves out a very few folks I do love, but we are coming from different places andare not good for one another. I like to help people, but I reslize I cant help people who get stuck on a negative merry go round. And it brings me down and does not help them.