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    Molly has chronic bronchitis that is common among elderly dogs. She also has probably several other things going on that I just don't have the money to test for to find out.

    Her breathing this week is labored and her coughing is horrid. I hoped it would pass when the wet weather passed or would at least improve but it's not so I guess I'll try some benedryl with her and see if it helps a bit. Since my nest egg came up missing I just do not have the money for the vet........and her medications can get expensive quickly.

    But that is "normal" for her.

    What is new is that she's had two urine accidents in 24 hrs. I know it's her because the first was yesterday evening. I had removed maggie from her crate put her right on leash to go out front because the rain had the back yard all muddy/wet.......she came in and went right back into her crate. (an after bedtime pee run) Molly had gone to the back door but I'd told her to wait a minute since I couldn't be in 2 places at once. I came back to find a puddle. Second time was this evening after their supper. Molly had not even asked to go out. Neither had maggie. I walk into the dining room and there is a big wet spot on the carpet. Now I know it wasn't maggie because once she was house broke she moves heaven and earth to get outside and will jump at every door downstairs until I see her if necessary. Maggie hadn't made a peep.

    I dunno if it is the coughing causing the incontinence or not. Molly is acting normal except the issues breathing and the coughing.........which as I said vary with her depending on the weather. Now Molly is the type that would rather die than have an accident. No joke. I don't think she's had an accident since she was broke.......no matter how long she had to wait or how badly she's had to go.

    Vet is going out of town, not that I could afford to take her in anyways. Travis is being kind enough to spring for Maggie's spaying and I'm not going to ask him to do more when he just finished paying for Maggie's visit and her last set of shots too.

    I hope it's just the coughing and once it eases up again she'll be fine. But she has had worse coughing fits than this and it's not been an issue before.
  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Oops wrong forum...........could a mod move to watercooler plz. (I think I'm getting senile lol )
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    Wrong forum? These are your adult fur-babies, aren't they?

    meanwhile... having found you here... yes, it could be stress-incontinence, brought on by the coughing.