Elevated Ammonia Levels?


Hi all. Christopher has had two tests come back with elevated Amonnia levels and I am trying to find some causes for it. Keep in mind that the first elevated level came back BEFORE he started Depakote. I can't remember how to edit my profile so for now here is a little info:

Christopher age 12 diagnosis'd with Bi-polar, Anxiety Disorder, ADD,
Currently on Lexapro 30mg, Lithium 600mg in am & 750mg in pm, Ritalin LA 10mg, Depakote 1000mg (just raised yesterday)
He has gained a ton of weight since December after he was put on Risperdal. He now weighs 177lbs

Pam R

New Member
My only experience with elevated ammonia levels has to do with liver function.

My husband has end stage liver disease, and one of the symptoms is elevated ammonia levels. This is because the liver is unable to filter out the ammonia.

Are his LFTs (Liver Function Tests) coming back normal? If not, a check into liver function would seem to be the step after liver function tests.

Many people on SSRIs and other mood, etc. drugs often have regular LFTs done to watch for liver function, as they can affect the liver adversely.

There may be other reasons for elevated ammonia but this is the one I am familiar with.

Pam R.