ELF Makeup at Big Lots

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    Our local Big Lots got a shipment of makeup from eyeslipsface (ELF) and has good prices on them. This is the brand that I post deals on - they are good quality, FAR less than dept store prices, even less than revlon, loreal, etc... prices and I have not had a product I didn't like. If you or your child has acne, be sure to look for the zit zapper - $1 online, not sure if they are at Big Lots - has tea tree oil, witch hazel, salicylic acid in a roller applicator and clears them up fast, also has an acne cover up pencil iwth a brush on one end that has tea tree oil in it and also really helps clear up acne.

    They have lots of online deals, but to try or if you like them, check out your Big Lots/Odd Lots! At the prices, it really can't hurt to try them. LOTS of the big magazines like Allure and Glamour have written up the products and included them in their best buy lists and best products list.
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    And I believe they are vegan, too. Another bonus. It's what difficult child wears.

    Target carries some Elf products, too.
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    I was surprised to find Almay products at Dollar Tree recently.
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    I like their eyeshadow, but had to throw out the mascara as it irritated my eyes... Contacts... Sigh.

    I'll have to look, though. It's inexpensive and good quality!
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    I love the lip pencils and brushes.