Eligibility Meeting on Monday

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Jules71, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Remember me? It's been awhile....

    We have a meeting on Monday at difficult child's school. This meeting is called an "Eligibility Meeting". It will consist of a team of people from his school and me and husband. Apparently it is to go over the results from the evaluations they have conducted at our request to determine if he is eligible for an IEP or 504 plan.

    Today when I picked difficult child up from school, his teacher told me there were some papers for me in his backpack. She said because he will most likely not be eligible for special services, and because he is slipping in his academics (letters and sounds), she requested Title I/LAP for him. The papers ask for my signature.

    I know nothing about this - I am going to look it up this weekend, but I wonder - are they just trying to passify me because they are planning on giving us bad news at the meeting on Mon?

    I don't understand why he wouldn't qualify for some services. He is now taking ADHD medications and they seem to help some, but we cannot for the life of us get him to do his homework and he is 5 weeks behind in it. I wanted to either ask to have someone work with him after school on his homework and/or less homework. I cannot believe 5 year olds have this much homework. Am I crazy for thinking homework should only be for what didn't get done at school - not actual packets of homework assigned each week?!?! Sheeesh!

    Any advice is appreciated as always! Thanks!
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    I'll let the experts help you with the services--it can be tough to get them in place for ADHD.

    I was shocked when language arts homework started coming home in kindergarten, especially since my boys were reading at a 2nd and 5th grade level respectively when they started school. They could have easily have finished it during the school day. I started figuring the homework was doled out to all kids equally whether they needed it or not and that for the most part it was really the PARENT'S work. It took me more time and effort to get them to get it out, convince them to do it, and get it packed back up than it took them to perform the task.

    At our school homework assigned in K-3 is extra work. In grades 4-5 it's what's left that they didn't finish and that's when the homework time really picked up.

    Try homework at way different times--I used to slide it over with a pencil the last few minutes of supper. The past few years difficult child has been doing it in the morning--he's just too shot after a day at school to do it.
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    Jules, how did the meeting go today?
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    Sorry, I've been out of town due to a death in my family. How did it go?
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    Hey Jules, been thinking about you. How did it go?
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    Whewwww what a day!

    I went in that meeting totally expecting to be disappointed but.....

    We met with the whole team, went over all the results of his evaluations. We were told his IQ is 130, he is very bright (which of course we knew already). And at the end of hearing all the great things about him, they said he qualifies for an IEP under the category of "Other Health" issues. They want to work with him on the social/emotional/behavioral issues. WOW! I was very surprised.

    We will be getting a copy of the testing results within 10 days, and then we will have an IEP meeting within 30 calendar days. Now I just need to get some ideas of my own about what we can ask to have in his IEP. The team had some good ideas. I was very pleased.

    Thanks for thinking of me SRL & BBK. So sorry about the death in your family Sheila.
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    I've been out of town also, so I am sorry I could not respond.

    Congratulations on getting IEP qualified. It is a good thing in my opinion that you will have some time to research what you might want in the IEP.

    What were their suggestions that you like?