Elijah update... the sweet Elijah made dad's b-day the best!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jcox, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Elijah was the sweetest little boy ever today. This was so cute I had to share it so everyone could see the other side of my son. Today is my hubby's 40th birthday. Right when Elijah woke up at seven this morning he went right into our room and said "Daddy I got a surprise for you..." Then he sang him happy birthday. Later in the day when we were at the pizza shop getting some food to go because Elijah did not want to eat there... he never likes eating in front of people very often... There were about four workers in the back and one family eating in there. He sang very loudly the happy birthday song again. They all watched saying how cute he was. Then they clapped for him when he was done. That was very special and extra sweet because Elijah has high anxiety around people and usually would not do things like that. That made us all so happy. Later in the evening we did cake for my hubby. Then Elijah says "Mom do you have a present wrapper I can use for Daddy. A letter thing." I have a stack of cards in my room I got from one of my daughter's fundraisers. I let him look through them. He picked him a nice happy birthday card with all colors of balloons on it. He went and got one of his dollars he earned from doing good and put it in the card. Then he signed his name. On the front he wrote "Elijah Dad" without me telling him anything. That is a big step too for him. He made Daddy's day a very happy one. He said after he gave him the card "Daddy I'm a sweety". That was so adorable. That is one of the three Elijah's hiding inside of him. That made us all smile happily and we will for a long time as we think of today. I just wanted to share some bright happy news.

    As for an update... he has been doing much better since he came home from the hospital. He is doing better than I ever seen him, but still has some problems which is okay. He gets irritable but has been using more words and calming down quicker. He has had a couple issues on different days since he came home, but he turns things around quickly. Overall he is doing very well.
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    Wow, Wow, WOW! Such a HUGE turnaround from just a month or two ago -- I am SO, SO happy for Elijah, for you, for your whole family! No doubt husband will remember this particular birthday for a very long time. It's so great when our difficult child's are really "present" -- with us in the here and now and not spinning off somewhere in their head. It's like a homecoming of sorts.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful, happy news! :D
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    This is terrific! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing.
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    Terrific update! I'm glad to hear he is doing so well and that your husband had a great birthday!
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    What a fabulous update.....I'm so glad to hear of his improvements!
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    Ooooh, he sounds so sweet!

    He's way ahead of my son, who still doesn't "get" why you should wish people a happy birthday or give them gifts.

    Congratulations! You all have made so much progress!