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Is there any benefit in trying to eliminiate food dyes? Even his yogurt--trix has dyes--so does all his sugar cereals, jello, fruit roll ups, etc......I can't imagine.

Several years ago I considered trying girlfriend/cf, but never started because it wasn't realistic for our family. difficult child was tested for Ciliac and others tests and came out negative, however the doctor did make recommendations for eliminations of certain foods, dyes, etc.

My mother keeps suggesting that I eliminate dyes--what would/could this due? I keep thinking nothing--but would love your advice or suggestions.



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I think my son is allergic to food dyes. We are doing our best to keep it out of his system. I've found that limits many sugary treats too, so it helps on that end as well. I cook breakfast/dinner every day during the school year and add lunch to that during the summer, so it wasn't a huge change for me. It just meant everything had to be made by me and no canned goods. Frozen vegetables, fresh fruits and meat, then I added my own seasonings. My youngest difficult child would only eat what I cooked because of his special diet and it did help his behavior a bunch.


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Please read the post labled food additives that I just posted a few days ago.

Food dyes cause my difficult child to rage. Corn syrup causes severe emotional/mood swings. My easy child son is not as sensitive to them as my difficult child, but he I can tell the difference in his behavior as soon as he's had either food dye or corn syrup. Usually a nap is enough to clear his system, however, Missy is not so fortunate. The effects can last up to two days for her, depending on how much she's had.


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give me an example of what you feed your kids if you don't feed them foods with dyes in them, i have thought about trying a diet out on my son, but i don't know where to start.. thanks


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JUst look at the labels. A lot of foods have dye in them that you don't realize. For example, Eggo Waffles. The Nutrigrain wheat has no food coloring or corn syrup, but all the others do. What type of examples are you looking for? I am just diligent about reading labels. I don't just buy exclusively organic, because even those sometimes have "organic corn syrup". There is no such thing. Corn syrup is CHEMICALLY ALTERED CORNSTARCH. Anything that is chemically altered is not organic.

Missy eats a lot of regular foods. We just avoid a lot of junk. She can have regular potato chips, but not the kind with all the fake flavorings and stuff.


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Same as what Loth said here. We do a heck of a lot of cooking & baking from scratch. And Duckie loves that dinner was made with love rather than a box. I bread my own chicken with flour (wheat, corn, or potato) eggs and spices. I buy organic macaroni and make my own mac & cheese (buy the white or natural organic cheddar). We make our own cookies and snack bars quite a bit. It's plain better for my family this way... and my house always smells yummy!


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I'm new here. Anything you are used to buying can be found in another brand that is okay. Have you been to the Feingold diet website?


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Haven't seen that website yet.

by the way, those drink packets you get kids for school ... they now come in dye-free flavors. That's what we buy now.

The colors can cause tantrums, and are very carcinogenic. Especially the red dyes. They build up in your system and accumulate over the yrs. You can google "Dyes and cancer" and scare yourself half to death.

The most obvious, easy dyes to get rid of are candy, such as Skittles and M&Ms. Also, children's medicines usually have dyes, to entice the kids to take them.