Elusive suicide recovery


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Well we all know I was a difficult child!!!!

I have to admit I had the best time at Jamie's birthday. He had such cool and nice young guys for friends. I loved being surrounded by all those hunky young guys in uniform. Even better was when he would leave his apt door open for everyone, including me, to crash at and they would walk around in those green boxers...lol. They all just called me MOM. Personally I think they liked having a mom around when their's werent. I loved all of them. Even today I see some of them when I visit Jamie. One of his best friend's has a wife that I adore. She catches me sometimes on FB and chats with me. I have known her longer than I have known my daughter in law. She was friends with Jamie's first wife.


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Oh, Janet *blush* you are a riot.

Boxers, hmmmmmmmmmm.

I guess I would...enjoy that maybe a little too much myself. But I'd hide my enjoyment and only look when nobody could see, if ya know what I mean (wink)...lolol.


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I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I admit I myself was a difficult child to an extent still am a difficult child. Got 2 kids with serious issues that their mood stabilizer is as essential to their well being as insulin to a diabetic. As air is to any living thing. Also have a couple friends both taking Lamictal that don't understand why I have a problem with them drinking (especially here where my kids can see them doing it)

Feel like I wasted half of last year listening to my friend "C" crying about nothing to finally realize the "one" beer she would have every couple days was totally messing with her Lamictal's ability to help her. Now her leg is in a shambles and she will be dealing with that and pain medications for many months.

My other friend "P" takes same medication, also drinks non stop everyday along with takes anything can get her hands on, not sure what all her issues are but I do everything in my power to keep her away from my kids (and myself also) she's very much a predator and seems to take great pleasure in other peoples misery.

Right now I'm really vulnerable, the wagons are circled got the fire burning bright but starting to look at "P"s pop in visits as a coyote popping thru the lines and taking a bite out of me.

I think what has me the most confused about normal, is I grew up believing I was (sorry for use of word) "crazy"... had a million sensory issues going on, problems sleeping, brain going faster then the world around me, totally overthink things... yet every psychiatrist or therapist who has ever talked to me insists I'm sane (meaning not having any diagnosable mental illness) I'm totally not buying into it. I've always thought that I was the craziest person I knew but the ones who thought they were normal were the ones who were really insane.

I apologize again if I offended anyone, this time I don't have impaired posting as an excuse haven't had a drop

sending wishes for a peaceful evening everyone


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You didnt offend me in the least! I have used that term about the washing machine myself. I am up late with an injured dog and I have to wake Tony up at 3:30 so he can leave to go work out of town for a few days so I am punch drunk. My poor pup hurt her toenail late last week but we think today she was either digging or she got it caught in the fence and all but tore it off. She wont let us touch it so all I can do is give her pain medications. She is miserable.

I am sitting on the computer looking at DIY projects on Youtube and Pinterest...lol. I took a break to come back here.