Email today from the teacher.... should have gotten it yesterday UGG

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    1. well lets see... how many kids would NOT do better with one on one teaching alone in a little room.... but his issues are that he needs to develop skills with peers and it makes sense.... this year if kids have a fit about his words then they tell him he is bugging kids so he has to leave, so he is anxious to begin with because he can't stop the words so they come out more and they create a vicious cycle.

    Ok so here is how I see his high school experience... ALL ALONE and lonely. From the tour of the school... which I didn't find out he was excluded from until the day it happened, (by the way he has never once had a problem on a field trip and I always go with them so this year, the trend to not allow him to do things in case something happens... ugggg I am so over it) .... to the bus...riding by himself both ways even though there are other kids in our complex who ride.... to the day... they will set up a private room that he is put in more and more because of course the trend is he does better....

    I just get so frustrated that they dont see their part in this.... PLEASE GOD, let this independent FBA shed some objective light on this... (well really I want them to see it MY way, lol)

    All I have asked for (and I always negotiate...well I used to... is to have them bring these things to the table to discuss. These unilateral decisions can have huge impact on Q. They are just worried about themselves in the end.

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    Yes, they are setting a precendent. Did you ask WHY you just got the email TODAY about a tour TODAY after the tour happened? What did the disability lawyer say when you told her? I would be STEAMING mad and making more phone calls. They are digging themselves into a hole and don't even know it. Grrrrrr
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    I forwarded the email to the law advocate and to our home psychiatric. I then today wrote a letter saying those two things... that of course he does better one on one in an isolated little room and secondly that this high school tour thing was the second time in as many weeks I have been left otu of big decisions. I only ask to be consulted and this woudl have been planned for a long time. I pointed out that I would maybe even have agreed that an individual tour might be better. BUT I would have made sure it was scheduled and made clear to Q that he IS going to go and that everyone just goes on their own schedule. He would not have this "PROOF" that I am lying and he is not going to high school.

    In his mind, why even try when it is all a lost cause anyway.