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    Does anyone have any experience with EMDR and trauma work for children?
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    There is also therapy called (I think) TBCBT which stands for Trauma Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
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    I have used EMDR for myself, and it was amazingly effective. I would think this type of therapy would depend on the age of the child and their cognitive abilities. I don't know if my 11 year old could do it, but he is very immature. My 13 yr old could, but she is too mature for her years.
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    Both of my children have had/are in EMDR therapy. kt fights it but it is effective. Generally after a therapy session kt gets worse than improves. wm is quite different.

    It seems to be a proven tool in the treatment of PTSD.
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    I personally have used EMDR therapy and found it to be very helpful. I had been in therapy with the therapist who did the EMDR therapy for over 6 years and had a great trust with him before I allowed this to happen AND I was willing to use it to get to the next level of my mental wellness.

    EMDR only works if you allow it to. If you completely refuse? There is no way it can work. My son won't allow anyone to use the techniques on him sadly....he remains locked in a time when he was very abused and tries to work around it on his own. I really wish he would have taken advantage of EMDR.
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    Thank you for your input. It is very helpful. My son has been with his therapist for about 2 years. She believes it is the next step for him. I worked on the "story" part of it with my therapist today, since what happened to him is due to my choices.

    I am doing pretty well about keeping it in perspective of my being not a healthy mom compared to where I am today.