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    i was so excited to a referral from our social worker to one of the best hospitals in boston for a neuropsychologist. I called them and got all the forms and filled them out this weekend. I had to send a packet to for his teacher, a packet for my parents, a packet for his pedi, and a packet for his social worker. Lots of questions, my brain was smoking after answering all those detailed questions from the intake paperwork. Today I decided to call my insurance company to see if i needed a pre authorization and found out that this hospital is out of network. ARGH ARGH ARGH.
    She gave me 3 names that are covered and I called the first one, waiting for call back. I feel like I took two steps backwards. I will still keep all these papers, they cant hurt to have right?
    We have had an OK last few days. DS hasnt had as many outbursts as normal, but husband and I think its because we really havent asked him to do anything or challenged him. I cant tell if we are avoiding the situations to avoid the rage or is he dealing better. I dunno, I am so emotionally drained from all this I can barely think. Oh he goes for allergy testing tomorrow afternoon. I got the report from his first test when he was 21 months old, he has/had 31 food allergies and 39 environmental allergies. I am hoping he has outgrown some of these. wish us luck

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    I think that this is some of the hardest times, knowing that there's probably something going on, but not yet having any answers.

    Be sure and make copies of all paperwork before sending it in. Keeping it all together in a 3-ring binder so you can take it to evaluations and school meetings works well.
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    Try to take sometime "off". I feel like you lately. Going nuts about reading, researching, trying t get answers. One night, a tough one with difficult child, everyone was finally in bed and I made a big bubble bath with a cup of hot cocoa to take with me. It really helped me relax. With 3 kids and no family around, we never have time without the kids. It's hard to not be drained. If you can, maybe try to have someone watch your kids so you and your husband can have a night out. Try to have an activity that does not envolve kids (for me it is as simple as mowing the lawn or having husband watch them so I can cook or bake in a quiet kitchen with no "help"). Oh, an other thing that works: use the forum!!!:hugs:
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    First, lets add a bit of "reality" here...
    It is NOT possible to be in any IT-related field, and be sane.
    Its NOT possible to be married to an IT person, and be sane.

    I know - I'm either one or the other! (is that why I'm "insane"?)

    On a more serious note... welcome to the "club"!
    Yes, I remember those days - drained. Trouble is, back when we started the process, less was known, and by much fewer people, so we had much less support... so everything took longer.

    Forms... you might need to communicate with the hospital. in case the teacher etc. send in their forms - ask if they will hold and forward to new referral. Maybe look at starting a Parent Report, as well (see site resources). Wish we'd known about that 10 years ago!!

    And yes - you need to look after yourself. (I should talk!)

    But... you can do it. You will get there.
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    Hope you can get to see a neuropsychologist soon. Keep us posted.
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    Hey Amy! Definately know what you're dealing with! Boy, do I know what you're dealing with! Have I said I know what you're dealing with?

    It's the insane world of mental health - you've got to love it!

    Feel better hon! Many hugs!

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    Take your breaks and good times when you can get them. Kiddo and I have no one but each other for about 800 miles or so. Good luck, lot of running hither and yon with paperwork, A sends you to B who sends you back to A who then says go to C who refers back to B, and all you want to do is take A, B, and C, and lock them in a room until they figure it out and do something,.
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    Hi amy1129,
    Im glad you got the referral and hope a Hospital replies to you soon! I hope your son is doing better with his outbursts and allergies. Good luck!